Restaurants Rome

My favorite restaurants in Rome

My list of go-to restaurants in Rome by neighbourhood!

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The olive harvest in Italy

Among the most unforgettable experiences one can have in Italy, harvesting olives is at the top of the list.

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See & Do Rome

Sabina: the secret countryside near Rome

Whoever said the only great countryside in Italy is in Umbria and Tuscany surely hasn’t been to Sabina.

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An Architectural Tour of Vienna

Discover a different side of Vienna: explore its eclectic architecture on this architectural walking tour.

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Guide to Bologna: Italy’s most underrated city

Get a taste of Italy’s foodie capital by diving into bolognese cuisine. But Bologna isn’t just the perfect place for a culinary trip, it’s filled with places to see from Medieval towers to contemporary museums & basilicas. And thanks to its 40km porticoes, it’s a great destination year round!

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Restaurants Umbria

The best foodie experiences in Umbria

Umbria isn’t just the green heart of Italy, it’s also a fantastic region for foodies. From truffle pastas to yummy meat dishes, here are the best restaurants in Umbria for a great foodie experience!

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A foodie guide to Bologna: where to eat like a local

Bologna is one of the foodie capitals of Italy, and there’s a lot of amazing food to eat, every hour of the day! From homemade tagliatelle alla Bolognese, to small tortellini in brodo and yummy cold cuts and cheese, there’s something for everyone!

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7 days in Rome – the ultimate itinerary

An insider’s itinerary on how to spend 7 days in Rome. The itinerary includes daily plans on what to see, where to eat for lunch & dinner, and maps of Rome.

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