The best European cities to visit

Europe is known as the “old continent” and has some of the most amazing human endeavours you will ever witness in your lifetime.

It is characterised by picturesque towns, sensational cities and charming villages all throughout.  It’s immersed in diverse history and cultures, and to truly understand the continent’s history and evolution, these 10 European cities are absolute must-visits!

St. Petersburg, Russia

For those that have studied Russia’s fascinating history, this destination has probably been in your heart for as long as you can remember. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, and represents the heart of Russia’s history and culture. From the stunning Hermitage, one of the world’s oldest and most important museums; to the Church of the Spilled Blood and the phenomenal Winter Palace, St. Petersburg surely has a lot to offer. Not to mention the opera and ballet productions and the wild nightlife and terrific architecture. It’s a marvel all-year-round.

Venice, Italy

Rising up the Venetian Lagoon, stretching along the mouth of the Po and Piave Rivers, is this astonishing city that just so happens to be the ultimate romantic retreat. Known to be one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Venice is simply one of those earthly corners that must be explored. Its unusual yet fascinating life on the lagoon, the gondolas cruising up and down the canals, the Renaissance architecture all throughout, and the mysteries hidden in each of its narrow streets make your heart race just by thinking you will visit it.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is like no other destination you will ever see. Lying on the Bosphorus between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, it’s the only city in the world that lies within two continents: with one part of the city on the Asian side, and the other on the European side. Once you land in Istanbul you will feel like you’ve been cast under a spell. From being under the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been subject to different cultures, influences, architecture, art and lifestyle, making it one of the most unique cities in the world. And this has definitely contributed to the atmosphere you breathe while you walk down its streets, while you dine with the Bosphorus in front of you, and while you talk to its generous and kind locals. It’s one of those destinations where you will leave your heart behind, only to come back to it whenever you have the chance.

Rome, Italy

Your visit to Rome, either being the first time or a recurrent one, will always have an impact on your sentiments and emotions. Its outstanding beauty, its monumental gigantism, its cult of the aesthetics, its sensual atmosphere, its warm and hospitable inhabitants and its great weather by far outnumber the cons a city which was born 27 centuries ago may have. You will walk through an open living museum with the largest historic district on Earth. The Roman Empire’s legacy is everywhere and the more you indulge yourself around, the more you become part of it, with a raising awareness of the privilege you are living by visiting it.

Budapest, Hungary

Immersed in the heart of Europe, Budapest is one of those destinations where you can breathe the presence of different empires, and also see it. A city that is so beautiful that some say is the most beautiful in Europe, and for this reason, a must visit. A monumental city, with eclectic and magnetic architecture, from the spectacular Castle Hill towering over the Danube, to the astonishing Parliament Building and Crown Jewels. Not to mention the wonderful natural hot-springs and wild nightlife.

Florence, Italy

The Everest of artistic endeavour, the capital of the Renaissance, the place where human genius comes to life and remains forever. This is Florence – the stunning city soaked in ochre and earth tones. The city of Galileo Galilei, the residence of the powerful Medici family, the home of Michelangelo’s David, a place where art and history blend to create the perfect balance.

London, England

Nowhere on Earth you will find such a melting pot of history and modernity, tradition and trendsetting, global and local, classic and futuristic. A world by itself, so close to the New World, so much anchored to the Old one. A leader at an unimaginable global scale built upon centuries of relentless, extraordinary human endeavour. This is London, the magnet for the ingenious and the brightest, the wealthiest and the adventurous, the old-fashioned and the creative, whatever their aim in life, wherever they come from.

Granada, Spain

An exceptional destination where you will witness the marriage of Spanish and Moorish architecture. The world-renowned Alhambra is a one of the most beautiful and characteristic palaces and fortress you will ever see, it’s truly breathtaking. But the whole city, set between the mountains and the sea, is simply unique and beautiful and offers terrific views. But it’s not only for the jaw-dropping architecture and magnetic history that you visit Granda, it’s also for its tapas, art-scene and for the city’s the eclectic vibe that you breathe throughout the cobble-stoned streets.

Paris, France

Everyone knows Paris to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it’s so much more than that. For those that love history, art and culture, Pthe minute you land in Paris you’re going to feel in heaven. With its rich history, phenomenal architecture, sensational churches and beautiful bridges, Paris is much more than romantic. The Louvre, the biggest and most important museum in the world, is right before you, and the opulent Versailles, is just an hour from Paris. For the foodies, its array of Michelin starred restaurants and yummy bakeries are enough to get you to book a couple of nights in France’s capital. And of course, fashionistas, Paris  is THE capital. Paris offers everything one could wish for.

Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany and one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Berlin is a melting pot for the European creative class. Full of history and culture, this city represents the past and the future, with scattered remains of the Berlin Wall around the city, and a never-ending circle of change in its modern architecture, fashion, food and art scene.  The streets and landmarks of Berlin echo its history: from the grand Charlottenburg Palace recalling the great Prussian Empire, to the iconic Brandenburg Gate symbolising reunification, Berlin has a lot of stories to tell. The once divided city is now a capital of the world, attracting a mixed crowd of all ages.



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