Travel videos that will make you want to pack your bags

During this past year, I’ve been making some travel videos of the destinations I go to. If you still haven’t made any travel plans yet, take a look at these videos of beautiful spring and summer destinations to start packing your bags!

Visit Portovenere & Cinque Terre in Italy’s Liguria region

Portovenere is a stunning seaside town in Italy’s Liguria region. The town is a splash of colors, the sea is crystal clear and the views are jaw-dropping. Not to mention the delicious local cuisine that comes at a bargain in comparison to other  places! Portovenere has it all: history, cultures ,views, food and beautiful waters perfect for a swim. Plus, the wild Palmaria island sits right in front of Portovenere and the world-famous Cinque Terre are just a short boat ride away!

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Visit Ponza Island just off Italy’s Lazio region  (and close to Rome)

Italy offers a myriad of destinations. But during summer, there is one destination in particular that has been kept under the radar. A secret island located just off the Lazio coast, very close to Rome. It’s Ponza Island, the Island where real Italians vacation, where every Roman has been to at least once. It’s a secret escape with stunning beach coves, wow restaurants, great aperitivo spots and incredible sunsets.

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Take a day trip from Budapest sailing and wine tasting on Hungary’s Lake Balaton

For all those curious enough to venture outside the Hungarian capital, the beautiful Lake Balaton awaits you. For being the largest lake in Europe, not all tourists are aware of the enchanting places the “Hungarian Sea” has to offer. From picturesque views to stunning wine estates and a great lake to go sailing, Lake Balaton is THE place to go in Hungary from Spring to Fall. And if you’re a wine lover, you can’t miss out on the charming wineries perched up on heavenly hills.

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Visit the beautiful Amsterdam with its picturesque canals

Amsterdam is the city where the sound of bike bells ringing replaces the sound of noisy traffic horns. It’s the city where the impossible is possible. The unique fairy-tale architecture, the charming lights reflecting on the canals in the evening, bike-riding in Vondelpark and having breakfast with poffertjes are just some of the reasons why this city gets me. A trip to Amsterdam should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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Visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary

Shy in the winter and outgoing in the summer, Budapest is a destination that has recently started getting lots of attention. With its fairy-tale architecture, breathtaking views, green areas and intriguing history, it’s no wonder it couldn’t be kept a secret for much longer. During the winter, cozy up in Budapest’s Art Noveou cafes and warm up with hot cocoa or tea. While in spring and summer, stroll through the bridges and live a completely different experience with its beautiful bars along the Danube, breathtaking views and crazy festival in Margaret Island.

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