Hi, I'm Federica!

I was born in New York City from an Italian family of diplomats and up till now, I’ve lived in 7 different cities around the world: NYC, Rome, Tehran, Houston, Istanbul, London and Budapest. 

The only problem? I've been caught in a "bilingual drama" all my life!

For those that don't know what that means, it's when you tell your Italian friends that you speak better in English, and your foreign friends that you speak better in Italian.

And when someone speaks both languages, I speak Itanglish (which by the way is my mother-tongue).

What brought me to start Where To Go In? My deep passion for travel, lifestyle, food and luxury. The thing that most people don't know is that to travel in style, you don't need to spend "luxury" amounts. I show them how! 


Why Stick Around?

If you're in love with traveling in style but without spending those "luxury" amounts, I'm your girl.

If you daydream about traveling, you like high quality places, you’re a foodie and you spend your money on travels, restaurants and culture  I have great tips for you on where to go in different places around the globe!

P.S. If you're secretly afraid of hostels, that makes two of us!

about where to go in la dolce vita around the world

What You'll Find on My Blog

On my blog you'll find everything you need to know to live The Dolce Vita around the world. 

You'll find posts about the restaurants you can't miss out on, the things to see and do, the cute hotels that offer that great service and of course the best bars in town of the most recent destinations I've been to.  You will also find some interesting info about art galleries worldwide and so much more!

That also includes useful tips on opening hours, prices, accepted payment methods and lots of other important info you need to keep in mind while planning/traveling!  

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If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get updates on the latest posts, travel ideas, some occasional exclusive offers and much more.  Also, once you've subscribed, you get to email me and ask me anything you like about your travel plan/itinerary! 

So don't hesitate to comment or email me if you have any questions regarding a place/destination (as long as I've been there of course)! 

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