Guide to the best beaches in the Amalfi Coast

The stunning Amalfi Coast, renowned for its picturesque pebble beaches, crystal-clear waters, and secluded coves, offers a myriad of sun-soaked adventures. Nestled between dramatic cliffs, many of these pristine beaches bask in the sunlight for just a few precious hours each day, making early visits a magical experience.

Reaching many of the beaches in the Amalfi Coast typically involves going down hundreds of stairs or catching a convenient taxi boat, often provided complimentary if you have a reservation at a beach club. The first time I went to the Amalfi Coast was in 2014 and I loved it so much, I’ve been regularly going back. But a head’s up, over the years, it has become extremely crowded, especially from June to August. Planning ahead is crucial: make sure you plan your stay in advance, and book your beach clubs early too—you don’t want to risk missing out on the beach!

Another thing I’ve noticed is how much prices have sky-rocketed. Back in 2020 I’d spend €50/€60 for two pairs of sunbeds in the most exclusive beach clubs. In 2024, I’m seeing prices from €60 to €250 for those same beach clubs. Despite these changes, the allure of Positano’s beaches and beach clubs and those along the Amalfi Coast remains undeniable.

So, since spending time at the beach is definitely something you should do, here’s my selection of the best beaches and beach clubs in Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

The best beaches and beach clubs in Positano

Positano has two main beaches that can be reached by foot: Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia del Fornillo. The other ones can only be reached with taxi boats or by walking a lot of steps (less recommended). Here’s my selection of the best beaches and beach clubs in Positano.

Spiaggia Grande Positano

the best beaches in Positano and the Amalfi Coast

Spiaggia Grande (which translate to “big beach”), is the famed beach in Positano you find on everyone’s TikTok and Instagram. But to be completely honest, I avoid going to the beach here at all costs. For starters, it’s right next to Positano’s pier, so there’s a lot of boat traffic. It’s the main departure point for local boat tours around the Amalfi Coast and trips to Capri, so yes—it gets busy.

To reach Spiaggia Grande, which is the main beach of Positano, simply walk downhill towards the shoreline, just beneath the Santa Maria Assunta Church. This beach is also the main nightlife spot in Positano, you’ll find restaurants and bars dotting the beach, as well as the famed Music on the Rocks.

Free beaches in Spiaggia Grande

At Spiaggia Grande, there’s a small section of the beach that’s free of charge, without any sunbeds or umbrellas. This is what we Italians call “spiaggia libera”, or “free beach”. This area becomes extremely crowded during the high season (June – August), especially on weekends, so if you really want to get a spot, get here early.

Lido L’Incanto beach club Positano

L'incanto beach club Positano
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But apart from the small section of free beach, most of the beach at Spiaggia Grande hosts beach clubs, so you will have to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas. Costs vary based on the season and your chosen location on the beach (if you want front-row seats you will pay more than third-row or fifth-row seats) but typically, you’ll spend €80 for two sunbeds and one umbrella. There are a bunch of beach clubs at Spiaggia Grande but Lido L’Incanto is one of the few that accepts online reservations. So, if you really want to go to the beach here, you can reserve on Lido L’Incanto’s website. Just so you know, single beds are not available for booking, only pairs can be reserved.

La Scogliera beach club Positano

La Scogliera beach club Positano
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But there’s always an exception to the rule. While I haven’t personally been, a little further along Spiaggia Grande you’ll find La Scogliera beach club. It’s a VIP experience, which you can also reserve online, and the views are really nice. Prices here are even more expensive, starting from €250 for a pair of sunbeds and one umbrella, up to €600. Again, the prices vary according to the location of your sunbeds. Due to high demand, I recommend you book early. They also have a really cool beach restaurant, which you can reserve directly online as well.

Fornillo beach Positano

the best beaches in positano and the amalfi coast

Fornillo beach is the only other beach in Positano within walking distance from the center. It’s located to the right of Positano’s center, and it’s much quieter in comparison to Spiaggia Grande. While Spiaggia Grande attracts mostly tourists, this beach has more of a local vibe. What stands out is the lovely Fornillo Tower, a watch tower that has remained intact.

You can reach Fornillo beach in two ways:

  • From Spiaggia Grande: there’s a small road along the coastline (Via Positanesi D’America if you want to put it on Maps), and in 10 minutes, you’ll arrive.
  • From the top of Positano: you can walk down Via Fornillo and you’ll arrive at Fornillo beach. This second option is great if you’re going downhill, not so great if you’re going up because there’s a lot of stairs. But there are beautiful views and especially very few people. I recommend this second option if your accommodation is located in upper Positano. If instead you’re staying in the center of Positano, take the road that runs along the coast (first option).

Free beaches in Fornillo beach

Just like in Spiaggia Grande, there is a small area of the beach that is free. But again, you need to come here early or you’ll never find a spot. Also, remember that the beaches in Positano (and in general in the Amalfi Coast) are pebbly, they won’t be the most comfortable beaches to lay your towel on!

Beach clubs in Fornillo beach Positano

the best beach clubs in positano

The remaining part of the beach is dedicated to stabilimenti, or beach clubs. There are a bunch, and I’ve tried three of them over the years. They all have cute beach restaurants too and some have canoes that you can rent. Just like in Spiaggia Grande, the price varies based on the season and the location of your sunbeds (if you want front-row seats you will may more than second-row or fifth-row seats). Here are the prices of the beach club’s I’ve been to, updated for 2024:

Arienzo Beach Positano

the best beaches and beach clubs in positano

This Positano beach is known as the “spiaggia dei 300 scalini”, or “beach of 300 steps”, due to the 300 stairs that take you here. But don’t worry, unless you decide to ditch the beach club and complimentary taxi boat, you won’t have to walk those stairs. And in general, this beach isn’t actually in Positano, it’s towards Amalfi, so you cannot walk here from Positano. Because of its geographical position, Arienzo is also the beach that enjoys the most sun. So this is a good option for those that tend to head to the beach later on.

Arienzo Beach Club

the best beaches and beach clubs in Positano

This is another one of those famous Positano beach clubs. They have 8 difference packages to choose from, starting from €350 for the basic package (sunbeds in fifth or 6th row) up to €798 for the the elite VIP experience (front row). Before you freak out, consider that these packages are for two people and include two sunbeds, one umbrella, one welcome bottle (champagne), two towels, two water bottles, two starters and two main courses. Still expensive, but at least food and drinks are included.

They offer a free shuttle boat service that leaves every 30 minutes starting from 9.50am from Lucibello Company’s pier at Spiaggia Grande. The boat service takes you back to Positano starting from 3.15pm. The journey takes around 10 minutes and the views of the coastline are fantastic. You can recognize the Arienzo boat by its logo, which features a compass rose in blue and yellow. If you want to spend your beach day at Arienzo Beach club, make sure to reserve in advance.

Laurito Beach

the best beaches and beach clubs in positano

This is another beautiful beach that can be reached in 5 minutes with a taxi boat from Positano’s pier. In comparison to Arienzo beach, it’s much smaller and it has two beach clubs, Tre Ville Beach Club and Da Adolfo.

Tre Ville Beach Club (closed in 2024 for renovations)

tre ville beach club at laurito beach positano

I loved this beach club. It doesn’t have a lot of sunbeds so it feels less crowded compared to others, and their restaurant is something else. Top-notch Italian food and seafood. I ordered a stellar oven-baked pizza and Luca had a gourmet seafood salad which was amazing. Lovely service and in general, beautiful setting. Due to renovations, their beach club will not be open in 2024. To get an idea of their pricing, in 2023 they charged €120 for a pair of front-row sunbeds and €100 for a pair of sunbeds from the second row onwards. They have a complimentary shuttle boat that departs from Positano’s pier every hour while their last return boat leaves at 6.30pm. When you reserve, you’ll be able to select your pick-up time. The only way to reserve your beach spot at Tre Ville Beach Club is by calling or e-mailing them. I absolutely recommend you do that in advance.

Da Adolfo

da adolfo beach club at laurito beach in positano

This is the other SUPER famed beach club on Laurito beach. In comparison to the one mentioned above, Da Adolfo is no-frills but it’s still iconic. People come here for their restaurant and then get sunbeds. The only way to reserve is by calling. I haven’t personally been here because every time I tried to call to reserve, they never answered. Apparently, they don’t answer the phone when they’re fully booked. It looks really cute and there are mixed reviews, but I guess you have to reserve quite in advance. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been here! They also offer a complimentary taxi boat from Positano’s pier for restaurant guests.


The best beaches in Praiano

Praiano is another great town to use as a base during your stay in the Amalfi Coast. Some of the beach clubs here can even be reached from Positano via a complimentary taxi boat, so take these places into consideration when you’re planning your beach days in/around Positano. Praiano has smaller beaches in comparison to Positano but there are some great beach clubs that aren’t exactly on the beach but on platforms that have been built on the rocky shore (I love these types, no pebbles to hurt your feet!).

Il Pirata beach club Praiano

This is a lovely beach club, restaurant and lounge bar in Praiano, along Via di Terramare. In addition to the yummy restaurant, il Pirata beach club has sun beds, beach umbrellas and showers. Prices for 2024 are as follows: €35 for one sunbed, €10 for an umbrella and €5 for a towel. They do accept walk-ins if they have availabilities but I definitely urge you to book in advance through their website. The restaurant is delicious, don’t forget to have lunch, aperitivo or dinner here. If you’re staying in Praiano, check out my full guide to Praiano for all my tips.

La Gavitella beach club Praiano

Another great one to consider in Praiano is La Gavitella Restaurant and Beach Club. It has great views of Positano, Capri and Li Galli. The blend between the blue and emerald waters and the natural vegetation creates the perfect context for a relaxing day. Since this isn’t exactly an easy walk from Praiano, the beach club also offers boat services, both from Praiano and from Positano. Just make sure to select the boat service when you’re booking from the website. In 2024, they’re offering three different packages, starting from €50 per person (inclusive of boat service) to €185 per person, inclusive of sunbed, umbrella and many more amenities according to the package. Make sure to reserve in advance, they don’t have a lot of space!

Marina di Praia beach Praiano

Enclosed between two cliffs, Spiaggia di Marina di Praia is a wonderful pebble beach next to Torre a Mare — an ancient Saracen watchtower. Here you will find some great restaurants and bars, perfect for a delicious lunch on the beach, as well as Africana, one of the trendiest nightclubs on the Amalfi Coast.

Alfonso a Mare beach club Praiano

Alfonso A Mare is a hotel and beach club in Praiano’s Marina di Praia beach. Just like all beaches in the Amalfi Coast, this one’s a pebbly beach where you can rent umbrellas and beach beds as well as wooden boats! They haven’t updated their 2024 pricing but in 2023, depending on the season, they charged €50 to €80 for two sunbeds and a beach umbrella. You can reserve your spot directly online at Aflonso a Mare’s website.

Il Fiordo di Furore

amalfi coast beaches

For the early birds, don’t miss out on this fabulous beach in Praiano as it only has sunlight until early afternoon. Il Fiordo di Furore is a hidden gem, perfect for a swim and to take some exceptional photographs. It’s a little beach cove, a narrow stretch of water at the base of a sheer valley, created by a stream that runs along the mountain from Agerola until it flows into the sea. There is also a charming fishing village. There are two ways you can enjoy this place:

  • By boat: this is probably the easiest way. If you’re in the Amalfi Coast you can’t miss out on a boat day! I recommend you reserve this private boat tour of the Amalfi Coast, and ask to stop at Fiordo di Furore.
  • By scooter: if you think you’re up for driving in the Amalfi Coast, you could rent a scooter and head towards the Fiordo. If you’re coming from Sorrento, reserve here.

The best beaches in Amalfi and Ravello

beaches in amalfi
Foto di Nellia Kurme su Unsplash

Marina Grande Beach Amalfi

A lovely beach on the Amalfi Coast can be found right in Amalfi and it’s called Marina Grande Beach. This beach has a few beach clubs that offer sun beds, umbrellas, bars and restaurants. And for those that want to reach the nearby beaches — accessible only by boat — can take one of the small boats that run every 30 minutes, or rent their private boat. You can reserve your beach experience at Marina Grande Beach Club and Restaurant, prices range from €50 to €80 for two sunbeds and an umbrella, according to the season. You can reserve directly on their website.

Duoglio beach Amalfi

Duoglio beach is in between Conca dei Marini and Amalfi. Although you have to walk down about 400 steps to reach the beach, it will definitely be worth it when you find yourself swimming in one of the cleanest waters of the Amalfi Coast. And if you want to avoid the hassle of walking up and down all those steps, you can reach Duoglio beach embarking on one of the small boats that leaves the Amalfi harbor every 30 minutes.

There’s a beach club on this beach, Lido degli Artisti. If you reserve your spot at Lido degli Artisti, there’s also a complimentary taxi boat that will take you to the beach from Amalfi.

Atrani beach Amalfi

Just a 2-minute drive from Amalfi, you will find the beautiful Atrani beach, mainly frequented by families with small children. This beach is easily accessible from the town center, without having to walk a lot of stair steps, and it is also one of the few beaches with a sandy bottom and that slowly slopes into the sea. Personally, not the kind of beach experience I’m into.

Castiglione beach in Ravello

Don’t let the above sea level town of Ravello fool you, if you want to go to the beach in Ravello you can. Spiaggia di Castiglione is a charming beach in Castiglione (the maritime area of Ravello). This small beach can be reached by walking down over 200 stair steps from the highway, in only 13 minutes by car from Ravello, or driving just 3-minutes from Amalfi. The beach has a small beach club called Lido di Ravello with a bar and also a free public area. Since it’s surrounded by two large cliffs, you only get sunlight till the afternoon.

The best beaches in Maiori/Minori

beaches in maiori and minori, amalfi coast
Foto di Ian Badenhorst su Unsplash

La Spiaggia di Minori

Since it is easily accessible without having to walk up and down lots of stairs, this beach is ideal for families with small children. La Spiaggia di Minori is a sandy 250-meter long beach with three different beach clubs that offer sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants and bars. Thanks to its southern geographical disposition, this beach benefits from long hours of sunlight. If you’re in Minori, don’t miss out on the famous pastry shop, Sal de Riso, that makes outstanding pastries with homemade lemon-cream.

La Spiaggia di Maiori

La Spiaggia di Maiori is the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast and is one of the favourites amongst families with small children as it’s easily accessible. It is known for its beautiful crystalline waters and for being one of the only sandy beaches on the coast. It has light sand and nice beach clubs offering bars, restaurants and sun beds. You may also rent a ski-jet or a pedal boat.

Spiaggia di Erchie

Enclosed by two ancient Saracen watchtowers, Erchie is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It offers 200 meters of sandy beach enclosed by a fishing village. You will find a beach club where you can get sun beds and umbrellas as well as a nice restaurant and bar where you can savour delicious delicacies of the Amalfi Coast.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Train + Ferry

The easiest way to get to the Amalfi Coast without driving is by train. From Rome (Roma Termini Train Station) or any other city, take the train to Salerno. There are a variety of trains you can take, some are faster and some slower. I’d suggest taking the Frecciargento (1.30hr) or the Frecciarossa (2.04hr) trains.

Once you arrive to Salerno train station walk to Piazza della Concordia (3-minute walk) and take a ferry to Amalfi or Positano. Tickets cost €8 for Amalfi and €12 for Positano.


You can also drive to the Amalfi Coast, from Rome it’s less than a 4-hour drive. Just keep in mind that the roads are small along the coast. If you decide to come with a car, make sure your accommodation offers parking or has a special offer with a local parking lot because the Amalfi Coast has extremely expensive parking, like €15/€20 an hour.

Private Transfer

If you don’t intend to drive or you’d rather not take the train + the ferry, you could opt for a private transfer. Here you can find a few private transfers:


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