The most beautiful beaches in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has lots of beaches and hidden coves, it’s just a matter of discovering them. Since most beaches are enclosed by rocky cliffs, lots of them have sunlight for limited hours.  This area is mostly characterised by pebbly beaches and steep crystalline waters. Getting to most of these beaches will require walking up and down a lot of stairs, but when you get to the beach and dive into the waters, the effort will have been worth it! For families that have small children, no worries, there are also some beaches that can be easily accessed and that have sandy slopes. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costiera Amalfitana!


The best beaches in Positano

Spiaggia Grande

The best beaches in the Amalfi CoastThis beach offers some pretty amazing views. The picturesque town of Positano unfolds around Spiaggia Grande – which is also the main beach in Positano – and a footstep away from all the famous restaurants and bars. You will find an array of sun beds, showers, water sports and food and drink facilities.

Spiaggia del Fornillo

The best beaches in the Amalfi Coast

Tucked away on the other side of Positano lies the more tranquil Spiaggia del Fornillo. This fabulous beach is longer than Spiaggia Grande and has lighter sand and pebbles. It also offers a couple of restaurants, sun beds and showers. If you want to be away from the chaos, this beach may be better for you. Head to Fratelli Grassi Beach Club (which also has its own taxi boat from the main pier in Positano) or Pupetto Beach Club. We recommend you call in advance to reserve your beach beds and umbrellas. The price varies depending on which row you stay in, from around €15 to €25 per person. They both have a nice beach bar where you can have breakfast, lunch or aperitivo.

Spiaggia di Arienzo

The best beaches in the Amalfi Coast

This Positano beach is known as the “spiaggia dei 300 scalini”, or “beach of 300 steps”, due to the 300 stairs you will have to walk to reach this paradisiac beach. Spiaggia di Arienzo offers tranquility and stunning waters. Thanks to its geographical disposition, it is also the beach where the sun sets for last! You may lie down on the public area or reserver your beach bed at Arienzo Beach Club. Luca and I had two front-row beach beds and an umbrella reserved here this summer for €30 per person. The taxi boat to and from Positano’s main pier is also included in the price. They have a great restaurant too and you may also order food and drinks directly at your sun bed!

Spiaggia Laurito

The best beaches in the Amalfi Coast

This wonderful small beach offers super clear waters just a five-minute boat ride from Positano’s Spiaggia Grande. There are two beach clubs with restaurants, sun beds, umbrellas and other facilities called Da Alfonso and Tre Ville Beach Club. They both offer boats from Spiaggia Grande to pick you up and drop you off. The Tre Ville Beach Club is truly fantastic, you pay either €25 per person or €30 per person, if you reserve a front-row beach bed. Included in the price is the taxi boat to and from Positano’s pier and a welcome drink. Their beach restaurant is top notch, one of my favorites. From fresh seafood to amazing pizza, they have it all!


The best beaches in Praiano

Il Fiordo di Furore

amalfi coast beaches

For the early birds, don’t miss out on this fabulous beach in Praiano as it only has sunlight until early afternoon. Il Fiordo di Furore is a hidden gem, perfect for a swim and to take some exceptional photographs. It is a little beach cove, a narrow stretch of water at the base of a sheer valley, created by a stream that runs along the mountain from Agerola until it flows into the sea. There is also a charming fishing village.

Spiaggia di Marina di Praia

Enclosed between two cliffs, Spiaggia di Marina di Praia is a wonderful pebble beach next to Torre a Mare – an ancient Saracen watchtower. Here you will find some great restaurants and bars, perfect for a delicious lunch on the beach, as well as Africana, one of the trendiest nightclubs on the Amalfi Coast.

One not to miss is the restaurant and lounge bar Il Pirata, which also offers sun beds, beach umbrellas and showers. It’s the perfect place to spend the day soaking in the emerald waters of the Amalfi Coast. Best if you reserve! Another one is Alfonso A Mare, this is a pebbly beach where you can rent umbrellas and beach beds as well as wooden boats!

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Spiaggia della Gavitella

Spiaggia della Gavitella is one of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast. This beautiful beach offers stunning views of Positano, Capri and Li Galli. The blend between the blue and emerald waters and the natural vegetation creates the perfect context for a relaxing day. The only hassle are the many stair steps you have to walk to reach the beach, but it’s definitely worth it! Spiaggia della Gavitella is owned by a private beach club, so unless you want to lie down in one of the platforms, I suggest you call the Cala Gavitella Beach Club to reserve some sun beds.

Cala Gavitella Beach Club:

The best beaches in Amalfi and Ravello

amalfi coast beaches

Spiaggia di Marina Grande

One of the most dynamic beaches on the Amalfi Coast can be found right in Amalfi and it’s called Spiaggia di Marina Grande. This beach is full of beach clubs that offer sun beds, umbrellas, bars and restaurants. And for those that want to reach the nearby beaches – accessible only by boat – can take one of the small boats that run every 30 minutes, or rent their private boat. Make sure to get here early during the peak season (July and August), or you won’t find a sun bed!

Spiaggia di Atrani

Just a 2-minute drive from Amalfi, you will find the beautiful Atrani beach, mainly frequented by families with small children. This beach is easily accessible from the town center, without having to walk a lot of stair steps, and it is also one of the few beaches with a sandy bottom and that slowly slopes into the sea.

Spiaggia del Duoglio

Duoglio beach can be found one kilometer before Amalfi (coming from Positano), and one kilometer after Amalfi (coming from Vietri sul Mare). Although you have to walk down about 400 steps to reach the beach, it will definitely be worth it when you find yourself swimming in one of the cleanest waters of the Amalfi Coast. There are two beach clubs on this beach, offering bars and restaurants and the possibility to rent water surfs and canoes. Adventure lovers, this is the beach for you! And if you want to avoid the hassle of walking up and down all those steps, you can reach Duoglio beach embarking on one of the small boats that leaves the Amalfi harbor every 30 minutes.

La Spiaggia di Castiglione a Ravello

Don’t let the above sea level town of Ravello fool you, if you want to go to the beach in Ravello you can. Spiaggia di Castiglione is a charming beach in Castiglione (the maritime area of Ravello). This small beach can be reached by walking down over 200 stair steps from the highway, in only 13 minutes by car from Ravello, or driving just 3-minutes from Amalfi. The beach has a small beach club with a bar and also a free public area. Since it’s surrounded by two large cliffs, you only get sunlight till the afternoon.

The best beaches in Maiori/Minori

amalfi coast beaches

La Spiaggia di Minori

Since it is easily accessible without having to walk up and down lots of stairs, this beach is ideal for families with small children. La Spiaggia di Minori is a sandy 250-meter long beach with three different beach clubs that offer sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants and bars. Thanks to its southern geographical disposition, this beach benefits from long hours of sunlight. If you’re in Minori, don’t miss out on the famous pastry shop, Sal de Riso, that makes outstanding pastries with homemade lemon-cream.

La Spiaggia di Maiori

La Spiaggia di Maiori is the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast and is one of the favourites amongst families with small children as it’s easily accessible. It is known for its beautiful crystalline waters and for being one of the only sandy beaches on the coast. It has light sand and nice beach clubs offering bars, restaurants and sun beds. You may also rent a ski-jet or a pedal boat.

Spiaggia di Erchie

Enclosed by two ancient Saracen watchtowers, Erchie is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It offers 200 meters of sandy beach enclosed by a fishing village. You will find a beach club where you can get sun beds and umbrellas as well as a nice restaurant and bar where you can savour delicious delicacies of the Amalfi Coast.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

  • By train with ItaliaRail: The easiest way to get to the Amalfi Coast without driving is by train! From Rome (Roma Termini Train Station) or any other city, take the train to Salerno. There are a variety of trains you can take, some are faster and some slower. I’d suggest taking the Frecciargento (1.30hr) or the Frecciarossa (2.04hr) trains.
  • By Ferry: Once you arrive to Salerno train station walk to Piazza della Concordia (3-minute walk) and take a ferry to Amalfi or Positano. Tickets cost €8 for Amalfi and €12 for Positano.
  • By car: You can also drive to the Amalfi Coast, from Rome it’s a 3-hour drive. Just keep in mind that the roads are small along the coast and that you will have to pay high parking fees for your rented car!

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