The best bars in the Amalfi Coast: Positano’s Champagne & Oyster Bar

For a happy hour in paradise, Le Sirenuse’s Champagne & Oyster Bar is a must. As you’re driving through the Amalfi Coast, the beauty of this magical place will truly hit you. The contrast between the hills, the Mediterranean and the picturesque towns will fill your heart with joy. But this scenery shouldn’t just be admired while you’re driving. If you’re staying in the Amalfi Coast, you need to treat yourself.

And if you plan on doing that, there is one place that is a must. There’s a place where you can admire the daylight fading while being immersed in a beautiful setting offering you one of the most breathtaking views of Positano. This is, of course, the Champagne and Oyster Bar at the stunning Le Sirenuse Hotel.

the best bars in positano
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The Champagne and Oyster Bar is located on the hotel’s picture-perfect terrace. And it’s not just any terrace, it offers one of the most beautiful views in Positano, in a magical setting with candlelit tables and great music floating in the air.

As you sit down in the comfy chairs and order delicious cocktails, you will feel like everything in the world is just perfect (and that feeling will keep sinking in as you order more cocktails)! But you don’t come to the Champagne and Oyster Bar just for the jaw-dropping view and wow cocktails (or champagne), you also come to taste the sensational seafood.

The “Oyster Bar” part was a giveaway, but it doesn’t fully describe the deliciousness of the food you will be tasting. From seafood crudités such as raw shrimp and shellfish to oysters and lobsters, to exceptional seafood tempuras and carpaccios, your happy hour at the Champagne and Oyster Bar will blow you away. And for those that plan on prolonging their stay, there are salads, pastas, and outstanding fish and meat dishes you can order (or you can continue your experience at the hotel’s La Sponda restaurant).

Their champagne selection is extraordinary, as well as their wine selection. But for those that feel like a cocktail, the Negronis are great, and for those that simply can’t do without champagne in their drinks, the hotel’s signature cocktail, the Sirenuse, is a must. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


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