Armani/Silos – one of the best museums in Milan

If art and fashion allure you, your trip to Milan will be incomplete until you visit the wonderful Armani Silos in the Tortona district. Opened in 2015, this 4500 square meter space is dedicated to Giorgio Armani’s collections and creative inspiration. Inside,  you’ll find 600 garments and 200 accessories form Armani’s collections dating back from 1980 till today. In other words? It’s a must-see museum in Milan.

The best museums in Milan: Armani SilosJust walking down Via Bergognone, Armani/Silos’ contemporary building – a former 1950s Nestle granary – will grab your attention. As you step inside, the minimalist and contemporary design allows the garments and accessories to pop up like no other. The concrete floors, dimmed lights and contemporary feel are a tribute to Giorgio Armani’s style.

Armani/Silos is set on four different floors, each dedicated to different themes and each displaying Armani’s fashion from the past 40 years. The ground floor displays Armani’s Daywear collections – here, Armani’s simple and modernist style comes to life with the help of different cloths to highlight femininity and masculinity.

The first floor is dedicated to Esotismi, where Armani radically transforms the traditional floral and sensual feminine concepts, and separates these traditional codes that were very distinct between genders.

The second floor is dedicated to Cromatismi. We all know that Armani’s style is known for its neutral colors, where his combination of grey and beige even created a new expression – greige. In this floor you will be introduced to his combination of colors, from red and choral, to blues and violets.

Armani fashion museum in MilanThe third and fourth floors are dedicated to Luce. Here, garments are made of layers over layers of different fabrics, from organza to chiffon and tulle, and have soft colors that give light to the garments, such as whites and pearls and sensual pale pinks.

The garments in this section resemble jewelry, they are extravagant and glamorous. On the fourth floor you will also find a wonderful digital archives section where you can learn more on how each garment was created and what it was inspired by.

giorgio armani museum milanAfter visiting the museum, stop by the lovely Armani Cafe on the ground floor for a delicious bite to eat.

Address: Via Bergognone, 40
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday from 11am – 7pm
Admission: 8 – 12 EUR


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