Day trip from Rome: the best beaches in Sabaudia

For anyone that wants to escape Rome’s summer heat, a day trip or a weekend in Sabaudia is a must.  Just a 1.30hr from Rome, Sabaudia is known for its sandy beaches, clean waters and wonderful sight of Monte Circeo. I’ve been coming to Sabaudia since I was born.

Since the age of 5, I’ve been spending almost 10 days of my summer vacation here. Yet I’ve only discovered the wonderful Lilandà Beach Club now! And since I’ve found it, I can’t stop going to it!

lilanda beach club sabaudiaLilandà Beach Club is located halfway between Monte Circeo and the famous Le Dune Hotel.  As you can expect, parking in Sabaudia during peak season isn’t easy unless you get to the beach early, or have a seasonal subscription to a beach club. But lucky for you, the parking is much simpler here at Lilandà. They have a private parking space where you can park even without a seasonal subscription for just 10€/day. And trust me, these are perks not to undermine in August in Sabaudia!

best beaches in sabaudia

But the best part of Lilandà Beach Club is its design and atmosphere. If you’re searching for a surfer-Californian vibe, you’ve hit the jackpot!lilanda beach club sabaudiaAs you walk down the decked stairs, you’ll get to admire the beautiful view of the sand dunes mixing with the colors of the sea. And once you arrive, amazing music mixed by the resident DJ – Massimiliano Troiani – that ranges from cool American oldies to today’s innest lounge music will be there to set the tone.lilanda beach club sabaudiaI know that it’s weird to spend the whole day in the bar area (without drinking), but I just can’t miss out on the great music playing and the whole design of this beach club is simply amazing. Dark decked floors with light wooden tables that create a Hawaiian contrast, and canopy over the roof that creates the perfect vibe.

lilanda beach club sabaudiaFor lunch, a yummy menu awaits you. From delicious pizzas and fresh salads (the greek salad and the seafood salad are amazing) to delightful sandwiches and pastas. I almost always go for the spaghetti with clams (cooked to perfection)! Of course, a chilled bottle of wine or a refreshing beer cannot be missing either!lilanda beach club sabaudiaAfter that, coffee is the ritual, accompanied by a wonderful view of the sea, a refreshing breeze and chill-out vibes. Right after lunch, I think it’s time to lie down on my sun bed (10€) and take a nap!

By the time I wake up, a swim in the sea is a must. Or maybe a nice walk along the beach to get a glimpse of Villa Volpi or the beautiful Torre Paola. Once I come back, there is no way I’m leaving Lilandà Beach Club, the best part of the day is about to start! SUNSET!best beaches near romeAt around 6.30 -7pm, order some cocktails or wine and sit on the beach’s comfy couches and chairs and admire Sabaudia’s beautiful sunset! This is definitely something not to miss: the music gets louder and starts mixing with the sound of the waves. And the sight of the sun disappearing into the horizon is simply the definition of VACATION!

By the way, did I mention that at Lilandà Beach Club everyone is super nice? 10 points just for that!


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  1. Lilandà, our long time favorite beach resort near Rome. We keep going back, year after year, with family and especially visiting friends from overseas. Book ahead for private shaded parking.

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