How to spend 4 days in Formentera, Spain

The Balearic Islands are known for their crazy fun! Ibiza is more popularly known as the party capital of the world, while its neighbouring sister island, Formentera, is known for its paradisiac beaches, boho-chic lifestyle and yummy food. Which one to pick? We didn’t, we chose both. After spending 5 crazy days in Ibiza, my friends and I opted for four days in total relaxation in beautiful Formentera. Here’s my guide on how to spend four days in Formentera.

Where to Stay in Formentera:

First things first, where should you stay in Formentera? For night owls and those eager to dive into the local nightlife, Es Pujols is your go-to destination. As the heart of Formentera’s tourist and nightlife scene, accommodations here mean you’re perfectly placed to enjoy evenings out without the hassle of driving back. Plus, with Es Pujols’ own beach and the island’s most celebrated shores just a 10-15 minute drive away, you’re never far from a day at the beach.

If your ideal holiday is more about basking in sunsets, lounging on beaches, and enjoying relaxed happy hours, then Migjorn Beach is for you. This area offers a laid-back vibe with its array of beach bars and restaurants, making it a favorite among couples and families seeking serenity.

For those dreaming of a romantic getaway, consider the picturesque area of Cala Saona. Alternatively, the quaint towns of Pilar de la Mola and San Francesc offer a charming backdrop for your stay, complete with delightful dining options. However, based on personal experience, I’d lean towards recommending Es Pujols for its vibrant atmosphere and convenience, making it an ideal base to explore all that Formentera has to offer.

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Day 1 in Formentera

If you’re coming from Ibizia, you’ll probably arrive to Formentera pretty exhausted because you spent your last night in Ibiza closing one of their biggest clubs. We were a group of ten people and paid €37 each for a roundtrip ferry ticket to Formentera with Trasmapi. We took the 12pm ferry which takes 45 minutes. Tip: bring a sweater on the ferry. It’s FREEZING in there!

Arrive at La Savina port and get the apartment keys. If you want to be where the buzz is, Es Pujols is DEFINITELY where you need to stay. But since Formentera has amazing beaches all around the island, renting a car is a MUST! You can either rent the car at La Savina port, or in Es Pujols. We opted for Es Pujols and rented two Fiat Panda 4×4 for a total of €380 with insurance included for four days. Formentera is also famous for the scooters to rent. If you rent a scooter just make sure you know how to drive one as there are lots of stupid people on the road.

Where to go to the beach in Formentera

Since we were really tired we wanted to head to a nearby beach. We went to the beautiful Playa de Llevant. It’s situated on the north-eastern coast of the island, between Punta des Trucadors and Playa des Canyers. Playa de Llevant is a beautiful sandy beach with amazing crystalline waters. It’s not very crowded, and it’s perfect for long walks. Just careful if it gets windy, as there are strong currents and high waves at times. Just a heads up, it’s also frequented by nudists! There is a popular beach bar called Tanga here, for those that want to have lunch/drinks on the beach.

If you really want to take the beach experience to the next level, book a boat excursion to explore the crystal waters of Formentera. Unfortunately it was fully booked the day we wanted to go.

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Before dinner, we got a quick Sangria at a bar in Es Pujols and then headed to the beautiful Es Pujols seafront, characterised by super cute hand-made jewellery stands and yummy restaurants! TIP: Always make a dinner reservation at the latest by 12pm of the same day! Especially during peak season! P.S. If you are interested in Rigatoni, reserve even two to three days in advance, it’s always full.

Where to go for dinner in Formentera

During our first day in Formentera, we dined at Can Tomate. However, it has unfortunately closed. In light of this, I’ve done some research to recommend other dining experiences. I recommend CASANITA – CANTINA Y PESCADO in Es Pujols for its fresh, daily catch and innovative dishes.

Where to go for drinks in Formentera

We finished having dinner at 1am and headed to the famous Bananas&Co for drinks. It’s one of the most stylish bars on the island, which means that if you want to immerse yourself in an in-vogue atmosphere, Bananas&Co has to be on your list.  We had some nice mojito pitchers in beautiful comfy couches. Heads up: this place is very crowded! Cocktails are €10.

Day 2 in Formentera

Formentera has some REALLY stunning beaches. Check out my full guide to the best beaches in Formentera for my favorite ones. On our second day we decided to go to the most famous one of all: Playa des Lletes. It’s situated on the northern part of Formentera and it is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

It’s a very long stretch of white sand that offers incredible crystalline water. No wonder it’s full of tourists and locals, and VIPs come with their yachts to stay all day. There are no sun beds or beach umbrellas, only some wooden beach shacks and restaurants that serve lunch, happy hour and dinner, and make sure you have a reservation! A really cool one is Beso Beach.

photo by Beso Beach

As you can imagine, during peak season the beach is extremely busy (the busiest in the island) so if you want to get some space it’s best you go towards the northern end, where there are less people (it’s also where nudists go). To get here, you can either park your car outside (paying a small fee), and walk (walk about 10 – 15 minutes) before you reach your desired spot on the beach, or you could try taking your car in the reserve, hoping to find a parking spot (paying a small fee).

We had lunch on the beach. We brought some delicious bocadillos with patanegra that we had purchased in a cafe in Es Pujols. I think it’s a great idea to take your lunch (especially if you’re going to have late breakfast). After the day at the beach, sunset happy hour was calling!

Where to have happy hour in Formentera

From what I had heard, sunsets in Formentera are amazing, so we definitely didn’t want to miss our sunset happy hour. Where to go? We headed to the sandier side of Playa Migjorn, in Playa Es Arenales, and went to Flipper and Chiller.  It’s set on two stories, the first floor is dedicated to the restaurant and it’s soaked in funky pink colors, while the upstairs unfolds a lovely rooftop terrace, furnished with white leather sofas (this is where you want to be for the sunset).

We ordered some delicious cocktails and wines, accompanied by fried specialties such as calamari and seafood croquettes and enjoyed the view while great lounge music was floating in the air. The crowd is mixed and the food is yummy, a combination of Mediterranean and local cuisine. Average price for happy hour is €12+ EUR. If I recall correctly, we spent €16 each.

Where to drink at Pilar de la Mola

Our dinner reservation was still hours ahead (we would have dinner around 11 – 11.30pm) so we took the cars and visited the famous lighthouse (only to find out that apart from the lighthouse there really isn’t much to see, and later found out we went to the wrong lighthouse), but we made the most of the situation and visited the market in Pilar de la Mola, only to end up in a super cute wine shop that served delicious cold cuts and cheese boards! Patanegra, local cheeses and local La Savina wine is what we had!

Truly a great place to find. I’m not exactly sure, but I think this place is called Son Seure, anyhow, you will definitely find it, it’s after the market on Avenida de mola. Outside the shop there are wine barrels as tables. Unmistakable place!

Where to have dinner in Es Pujols

For dinner, we had a reservation at Can Loca, located in Es Pujols’ seafront. Equipped with a beautiful seafront view, with a nice breezy atmosphere and a lovely ambiance created by dimmed lights and background music, we were ready for an unforgettable dinner to begin.

I believe the second night in Formentera was the funnest of all. Probably because we were not tired from the trip and we had just relaxed all day long, and Can Loca seriously delivered! As you would expect, seafood is their forte, with delicious tartares, octopus, fried seafood, pastas and fish. Their lobster catalan is TO DIE FOR!

And if you dine in any restaurants in Formentera, always end your dinner with a shot of Jerbas or Caramel Vodka! The wine that we fell in love with is La Savina, which we had discovered in the small wine shop in Pilar de la Mola right before! More info on Can Loca here.

📞 +34 971 321 883
💳 Visa and MasterCard
💰 €50+ per person

Where to go dancing in Formentera

After dinner, we spent the whole night in the super fun Pachanka club. For those of you who like a disco-pub scene, Pachanka is the place for you. It’s right next to the famous Bananas&Co, and they play commercial music mixed with Latin American vibes. And trust me, if you’re with the right crowd, Pachanka will definitely turn out to be one of your favourite nights in Formentera!

Quick tip: before entering, you will find a bunch of PRs outside throwing deals at you, always remember that it’s much better to enter with a PR, they will give you and your group discounts (the more the better).

Day 3 in Formentera

To tell you the truth, we kind of slept in that day as we were exhausted for spending the whole night out. So we took it easy and after lunch (our usual bocadillo with patanegra at our shop in Es Pujols), we headed to the famous Cala des Mort, on the south-east side of the Formentera.

The cove is characterised by a small crescent-shaped strip of beach with some rocks, and jaw-dropping waters that will make you feel like you’re in you’re private Mediterranean pool. Just a heads up, the beach is very small, and due to the rocks, it’s also pretty uncomfortable to lay down and sun bathe. It’s not very crowded but it’s hard to find a nice spot. Either way, it’s a must, you cannot miss it!

After this beach, we decided to head to Playa Migjorn, which is a sandier beach and it’s easier to find a comfy place. The water is obviously amazing here as well, maybe my favorite beach in Formentera. Just careful during August, as the water gets warmer and you will find jelly fish!

Where to have aperitivo in Formentera

Playa Migjorn is also very famous for its wonderful puesta de sol, and for El Piratabus!  Piratabus is a wooden shack that serves drinks. Although at first glance you will ask yourself where you’ve arrived, once you hear the music, the laid back atmosphere and try one of El Piratabus’s delicious mojitos/cold beers, you’ll understand what you came for. Oh, and don’t forget to order the yummy nachos with guacamole.

As soon as the sun starts to set, everyone sits on this giant rock and just sips their mojitos and admires the view. Which means that when you see the sun start to go down, get your towel and sit on the rock, fast! It gets populated in minutes!

After our great sunset happy hour, we headed back home and changed for our last night in Formentera! We had our VIP table reserved for our last night at Pineta Club, which is thought of as the coolest club in Formentera. Honestly, I had a great night, but don’t expect the coolest club in the world, it’s not. Before heading to Pineta, we grabbed a quick bite to eat in Es Pujols (we were running late).

Where to go clubbing in Formentera

The whole vibe at Pineta club is stylish and attracts an in-vogue crowd. The music is very commercial, but it also depends on the night. We were there during I’M A RICHBITCH night. To get in, it’s always best to go with a PR (even if you don’t want a VIP table).

If you don’t already have a PR’s number, to book a VIP area just meet with one of the PRs that are regularly outside of the club from 12am every night, it’s also much better in terms of discounts on alcohol. We paid €65/70 each for the VIP table with three vodkas and a champagne.

Day 4 in Formentera

Our last day was just a travelling day, we left the apartments at 12pm, returned the cars and headed back to Ibiza to catch our flight. Have you been to Formentera? Any thoughts on your experience? I fell in love with it. It’s a beautiful island, it has stunning beaches and the food is to die for. Funny thing, the people are practically ALL Italians! Just don’t forget to rent your car/scooter, buy your ferry tickets in advance, and absolutely book your luxury catamaran cruise!


I'm the daughter of an Italian family of diplomats, the second of three children, and a global citizen. I've lived in 7 cities around the world, I have a gigantic crush on Italy and my name has been mispronounced more times than I can remember.

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