As a Roman, it’s kind of embarrassing (and I probably shouldn’t be admitting this) that it took me this long to visit Ponza, the largest of the three Pontine Islands, just off the coast of the Lazio Region.Ponza island Italy

This island is truly sensational. Makes me just want to move there all summer long!

Ponza island Italy

Ponza is beautiful.  As you arrive with your ferryboat from Monte Circeo, your eyes will be glued to the the green landscape, the fascinating rock incisions on the coastline, and the charming colors of the island’s characteristic port.

Ponza island ItalyOnce you’ve docked, you simply dive into this festive and holiday-like atmosphere. And that’s when the fun (and relaxation) begins.

If you arrive from the port of San Felice Circeo, your ferry will have arrived by 9.50am. So you’re awake before lots of people (definitely before my usual wake up call), and that means that you should head first to your hotel/apartment to leave your luggage, and then you should go strait to rent your boat for the day!

Ponza island ItalyAnd yes, in my opinion, Ponza is an island that you MUST visit on a boat. There are some beach coves, but they require lots and LOTS of going up and down stairs under the sun (not very ideal in my opinion)! Plus, with a boat you get a totally different vibe!

The island is filled with places where you can rent boats, but usually, the port is the place where they will charge you the most (€70 – €80) . Personally, I rented my boats at the lovely port of Santa Maria (just a 10-minute walk from the port). There are two different boat rentals, GMM (GianMaria Maltese) and Albatross.

Ponza island Italy

Just to let you know, at GMM, the classic Ponza-style wooded boat – gozzo – (loved it), costs 50€ for the day (until 6pm), but they also have dinghies that you can rent at 120€ for the day. Of course all gas costs are not included.

Ponza island ItalyAnother great place where you can rent your boat is Achille and Lucia, on the other side of the island, in the stunning Cala dell’Acqua. Here the classic Ponza-style wooded boat costs 60€ for the day (until 6pm), and the dinghies are 150€ for the day.

Keep in mind that the wooden boats are either for a max of 4 or 5 people. And if you’re staying on the island for more than a day, reserve your boat for the next day as (especially on the weekend) there are more people than boats!

Ponza island Italy

So after you’ve rented your boat, and the guys have given you a short tutorial on how to use it (no need for a boat license), it’s time to discover Ponza’s stunning coves.

My favorite places to go are:

Ponza island Italy

Cala Lucia Rosa (on the western side of the island)

Cala dell’Acqua (western side of the island)

Chiaia di Luna (western side of the island)

Cala Fonte (north-western side of the island)

Ponza island Italy

Palmarola (7 miles east)

Bagno Vecchio (eastern side of the island)

Cala Parata (eastern side of the island)

Cala Gaetano (eastern side of the island)

Ponza island ItalyBut this all depends on your personal tastes. Anywhere you go is simply jaw-dropping! The sea here is really spectacular. The water is crystal clear, the sea bed is sandy or rocky depending on where you go, and there are beautiful fish swimming around! Oh, and when in Ponza, you can’t not go to the nearby island of PALMAROLA for the day, it’s amazing, and truly worth the trip!

Ponza island ItalyAfter your day on the boat, there is one place you HAVE to go to. We all know that summer vacation days are counted by the amount of sunsets you see. And there is one place you MUST go to admire the sunset. It’s in Chiaia di Luna (5 – 10 minutes from the port).

Ponza island ItalyHere, you can either look at the sunset from the beautiful street terrace, or (if you feel like accompanying the stunning sunset with a drink), head to Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna’s Le Terrazze – the coolest bar on the island.

Ponza island ItalyHere, amazing music, yummy cocktails and food, and a romantic atmosphere will cuddle you up.

Time for dinner?

The island is full of amazing restaurants for you to try.  If you want a dinner with an unforgettable view, go to Il Tramonto,

Ponza island Italyand if you want yummy food at an accessible price, go to Oresteria at the port. ALWAYS make a reservation!

Ponza island Italy

And after dinner, a walk around the port stopping by its charming boutiques, or a drink in one of the island’s characteristic bars is a must.

It will only take you a second to fall in love with Ponza. And we all know that when you’re in love with something, time passes in time-lapse mode. So make every second count!

Ponza island Italy



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