Where the locals eat in Assisi: the best restaurants

Assisi isn’t just known for its jaw-dropping Basilica of St. Francis, or its ancient fortress. This beautiful hilly town is also home to some delicious Umbrian restaurants that are sure to get your taste buds tingling. Whether you’re on the hunt for some traditional or gourmet food, here are the best restaurants in Assisi to taste those Umbrian flavours. Don’t forget to complement your dining experience with a visit to Assisi’s top attractions.

Trattoria Pallotta

Address: Vicolo della Volta Pinta
Opening hours: Wednesday – Monday from 12pm – 3pm / 7pm – 9.30pm
Average price: €35+
Social: hoteltrattoriapallotta

Trattoria Pallotta Assisi

If you’re searching for local, traditional and delicious cuisine in Assisi, this family-run restaurant in front of Piazza del Comune is a must.  The setting is simple yet elegant and the food is extraordinary, as is the wine selection. Even though I always glance at the menu, it’s inevitable that I end up ordering the same two dishes over and over again. You know that feeling when you’re having dinner in one of those familiar places and you’re craving THAT dish? That’s how I feel every time I set foot in Trattoria Pallotta. So what are these delicious dishes? My all-time favorite first course is the cappellacci al pecorino di fossa e miele di acacia (cappellacci with cheese and honey). As a second course, I always go for the rosemary beef tagliata that my mom also orders. But I’ve also tried other dishes, I actually  always end up having a bite of everyone’s dish (you don’t want to be sitting next to me at this restaurant). The strangozzi al tartufo (pasta with truffles), is a classic Umbrian dish that seriously deserves a try. Another outstanding one for those that like duck is the pappardelle al ragout di anatra e mirtilli (pasta with duck ragout and cranberry sauce). And the best for last, the piccione alla ghiotta con crostone (pigeon).  Everything at Trattoria Pallotta is delicious, truly. And the cozy and familiar atmosphere is just the cherry on top of the cake after a long day walking around Assisi and the Umbrian countryside. If you have a sweet tooth, the chocolate soufflé with oranges is delightful, and of course, a glass of sweet wine is a must to finish off your meal! Don’t forget to make a reservation. Trattoria Pallotta is also just a short walk from some of the top accommodations in Assisi.

Osteria del Mulino

Address: Via del Ponte dei Galli
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 2.30pm; Thursday – Sunday 9am – 2.30pm, 7pm – 9.30pm
Average price: €30+
Social: osteriadelmulino

Want to completely immerse yourself in nature, relax and enjoy some traditional Umbrian dishes? Search no more! Osteria del Mulino is one of the most charming places in Assisi, set in the beautiful “Bosco di San Francesco” right below the Basilica of St. Francis. My favorite time to come here is for lunch, where during the good season you can sit outside, surrounded by green hills and vineyards. During the winter, they light their outdoor fireplace and it just doesn’t get any cozier than this. If you’re not up for dining outside, their indoor area will surely do, too! With bricked arches and wooden tables, the countryside atmosphere is very much alive. But let’s get down to business…what to order? If you’re a meat lover, their tagliata di manzo is probably my favorite one in Assisi. Make sure to get your tagliata rare (medium-rare at the most) so you can truly taste the quality of the meat. To accompany, their roasted potatoes are yummy and crunchy! If you’re up for a pasta dish the ravioli with truffles are delightful, not to mention the rigatoni with white ragout! For the wines, I’d go for the house red! Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, this casual and cozy restaurant is surely a great find. Definitely make reservations!

Osteria Favorita

Address: Via A. Costa, 18/20 (Bastia Umbra)
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12pm – 2pm, 19pm – 12am
Average price: €40+ p.p.
Social: osteriafavorita.it

where to eat in Assisi

This charming casale is just a 10-minute drive from Assisi and offers a lovely outdoor space where you can dine. Come by at 8pm in summertime to enjoy golden hour. The food is delicious and they are specialized in Emilia-Romagna food, so definitely order the gnocco fritto with the cured meats and the Bufalotto ravioli. In summertime have your meal in the lovely outdoor area, in wintertime int he cozy indoors.

Il Vicoletto

Address: Vicolo dei Macelli Vecchi, 1
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 2pm, 7pm – 10pm
Average price: €40+
Social: Il-Vicoletto-Assisi

The best restaurants in Assisi, Umbria

If you’re searching for a trendy place in Assisi, this is the one to go to. Il Vicoletto is known for its gourmet cuisine and twist on Umbrian dishes. Il Vicoletto – translated “the small alley”, is located in the historic center on a small side street.  The setting is absolutely lovely – think dimmed lights, background music, arched brick ceilings and beautifully set tables. There’s even a few tables on the street level during the good season. If it’s a romantic dinner you’r going for, this is a good one to put on your list. The food is quite good too, with a menu that changes seasonally. The must-orders? Their amazing octopus with burrata. But the queen of the menu is their pasta dish: tagliolini al carbone in carbonara con uovo di quaglia e tartufo. Sublime! The desserts are interesting, with variations on some traditional desserts, like the tiramisu with pistachio! Wine connoisseurs will delight over their wine selections.

La Selva

Address: Via Cardinale Raffaelle Merry del Val, 3/C
Average price: €50+
Social: caffelaselvaassisi

where to eat in Assisi

This is our most recent find in Assisi, footsteps from the Basilica of St. Francis. If you’re planning on having a lovely outdoor meals, La Selve is the place. They have a beautiful outdoor area with views of the Umbrian valley decorated with string lights. The atmosphere is truly magical and the menu isn’t typical Umbrian cuisine, it’s a gourmet experience. The pigeon was delicious. You’ll find great wines and a passionate sommelier. The service needs to be improved.

Borgo Antichi Orti

Address: Via Pallareto, 1
Average price: €50+
Social: borgoantichiorti

where to eat in Assisi

If it’s a magical location you’re looking for, this place is it. I discovered this place with Luca this summer and completely fell in love with it. It’s right below the Basilica of St. Francis and boasts a stunning view of the basilica and of Assisi. I came by for drinks in the summer, they have cocktails with a zodiac sign theme and a lovely wine selection. They serve olives and some other snacks with your drinks but you should definitely order the cheese board as a plus. I haven’t been for dinner but I had a look at the menu and it seemed delicious so I’d recommend this place for lunch and dinner too. Reserve in advance.

Osteria Piazzetta dell’Erba

Address: Via S Gabriele dell Addolorata, 15/b
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm / 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Average price: €40+
Social: piazzettadellerba

best restaurants in assisi and umbria

Over the years, it seems like  yummy restaurants are popping out like grasshoppers in Assisi! Of course everyone wants to try a local traditional trattoria or taste the famous pizza al testo, but who isn’t up for some gourmet cuisine? I know I am! Osteria Piazzetta dell’Erba is charming with a lovely outdoor dining area that sits on a small piazza just 100 meters from Piazza del Comune. Tables covered in printed patterns, colourful tableware and green plants set the tone. And for those that prefer dining indoor, a cozy dining room with vaulted ceilings awaits you. But it’s not just the shabby-chic setting that will catch your eye; the menu at Osteria Piazzetta dell’Erba has evolved to offer an even richer dining experience. They now present three different menus: “Tradizione,” featuring Italian specialties from various regions like paccheri al pomodoro arrosto, stracciatella e basilico; the “Fusion” menu, where you can find innovative dishes that blend different culinary traditions; and for dinner, a special sushi menu that adds an exquisite touch of Japanese cuisine to the mix.


Address: Via Eremo delle Carceri, 1A
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Average price: €70+
Social: nunassisirelais

best restaurants in assisi umbria

In the five-star Nun Relais and Spa Museum, there aren’t just luxurious rooms and a relaxing spa to take advantage of. There’s also the famous Benedikto restaurant, a place where all your senses will be pleasantly awakened.  If you’re a wine enthusiast, nothing will stop you from admiring the restaurant’s amazing wine collection on display at the entrance. Nothing except for the view of Assisi’s fortress illuminated by the colors of the sunset!  For me, dining in the terrace was simply a must. ! If you arrive at 8pm during summer, you’ll have the luxury of sipping a glass of wine while witnessing the sky turn into shades of yellow, orange, pink and blue.  For those that want to dine indoors, the atmosphere is cozy and elegant, and the jaw-dropping view of Assisi is right there for you to admire from the restaurant’s large windows.  But it’s not just the incredible views that will take you back to this restaurant, Benedikto serves excellent Italian and regional dishes with a contemporary twist. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

La Locanda del Cardinale

Address: Piazza del Vescovado, 8
Opening hours: Thur – Sun 12.30pm – 2pm; Wed – Mon 7.30am – 10pm
Average price: €70+
Social: lalocandadelcardinale.com

la locanda del cardinale restaurant assisi
photo by La Locanda del Cardinale

Right in Piazza del Vescovado, La Locanda del Cardinale offers a unique dining experience that combines sleek modern Italian and Umbrian cuisine with a fascinating glimpse into history. What sets this restaurant apart is its glass ceiling, revealing the Roman ruins beneath your feet. It’s a blend of old and new, where you can enjoy a seasonal menu full of fresh flavors while surrounded by remnants of ancient Assisi. This Michelin-recognized spot is perfect for those looking for an extraordinary meal in a setting that’s both stylish and steeped in history. Go for their tasting menu!

Trattoria degli Umbri

Address: Piazza del Comune, 4
Opening hours: Daily 11am – 11pm
Average price: €25+

trattoria degli umbri assisi

Right next to the renowned Trovellesi Bar, you’ll find this delightful trattoria. One day, after a relaxing spa session with my sister, we found ourselves searching for a restaurant to have lunch. Assisi’s restaurants, as you might’ve noticed, close quite early so finding a restaurant that would seat us at 2.30pm was difficult. Trattoria degli Umbri was a savior that day, graciously welcoming us for a meal even though they were 30 minutes to closing. We had a quick but memorable lunch featuring a heartwarming red house wine, a seasonal artichoke pasta, and a delightful crostata for dessert. Despite its location in a bustling area, this place is far from your typical tourist trap. It’s a genuine slice of Assisi, offering cozy hospitality and authentic Umbrian flavors.

Antica Norcineria Umbra

Address: Via Borgo Aretino, 5
Opening hours: Thursday – Tuesday 9.30am – 10pm
Average price: €35+

The best restaurants in Assisi, Umbria

In the historic center of Assisi in the beautiful tree-lined Via Borgo Aretino you’ll find this restaurant. The owner is the lovely Peppe, an Apulian who moved to Umbria many years ago.  Meat-eaters will be happy to know that they have a variety of nice meat cuts, try their tagliata with fresh vegetables and potatoes on the side. And for the wine, they have Umbrian wines from Lungarotti to Arnaldo Caprai and Antonelli, to name a few.

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