The best Lake Balaton restaurants and wineries

Fresh air, stunning views and wine. Nod your head if this sounds like a great trio! The good news? You don’t have to go far to enjoy these three things! Let me introduce to to the lovely Csopak area on Balaton Lake, situated just a 1.30hr drive from Budapest!

the best restaurants in balaton lakeLet’s face it, from spring to autumn, it is a must to get out of the city and unwind! And lucky for you there’s a lovely estate called Szent Donat Birtok that is the perfect place to go to!

the best restaurants in balaton lakeLast weekend I had the pleasure of exploring Szent Donat Birtok and to have lunch at their lovely restaurant, Marga Bisztro. Perched up on a hill in the Csopak area, you can imagine the stunning scenery that awaits you!

where to eat in balaton lakeThey also have their own vineyards and produce their own wine, so make sure to try some of their local wines!

where to eat in balaton lakeGetting back to the view, I think that from Marga Bisztro you get one of the most breathtaking views of Balaton.

You can see the vineyards, the charming rooftops and the beautiful Tihany peninsula!

where to eat in balaton lakeThe estate places great attention to detail: the white walls are covered in ivy, the grass is perfectly cut, there are chairs to relax and enjoy your wine glass while admiring the view, and there is a beautiful modern yet simple restaurant.

where to eat in balaton lakeSo when should you come here? I came by for lunch but you could also come for a nice wine tasting. They have a good wine selection and a delicious cheese platter!

the best restaurant in balaton lake hungaryBut let me give you some tips on what to order. I don’t know how you like your steak, but I like it medium-rare with a nice caramalized crust. But they told me that I couldn’t have it rare because they use a machine to cook it with a fixed temperature.

I decided to try it anyway, but unfortunately it was not really what I was searching for. The meat wasn’t juicy.

where to eat in balaton lakeSo I opted for the fish (the sturgeon) and it was delicious! It was juicy and accompanied by a yummy parsley mashed potatoes!

the best restaurants in balaton lake hungaryI definitely recommend you order this! Also The cheese platter was really good and the desserts are wonderful!

the best restaurants in balaton lakeI ordered the yummy basil creme brûlée with strawberry ice-cream and it was delightful!

the best restaurants in balaton lakeAnd of course, you can’t end your meal without a nice glass of Tokaj sweet wine! Marvellous!

where to eat in balaton lakeAfter lunch, just relax at your table or head downstairs to the chairs on the grass and admire the view.

where to eat in balaton lakeRemember to always make a reservation for Marga Bisztro, at least two days in advance! Another tip, ask for the tables right on the terrace for the best view!


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