Rome’s traditional restaurants: trattorie in Rome

Roman artichokes, carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe and gricia. The list goes on. These culinary masterpieces are just some of the highlights of Roman dishes. If you want to dive into traditional Roman cuisine and dine where the locals do, trattorias and osterias are must-visit destinations. Here are my all-time favorite trattorie in Rome, perfect for those wanting to taste authentic Roman dishes!

The best trattorias in Trastevere

Trattoria Da Teo (Trastevere)

Tucked away in Trastevere’s Piazza dei Ponziani you’ll find Trattoria Da Teo, the ideal place to taste some classic Roman cuisine in a cozy outdoor space. This casual restaurant promises an informal atmosphere, friendly and laid-back service and yummy food. The pastas are delicious, but Da Teo also serves fresh seafood dishes. From the Roman artichokes to the gricia, you’re set for a great dining experience. If you like artichokes (who doesn’t?), don’t miss out on the fettuccine with artichokes, the calamari with artichokes and the gricia with artichokes…amazing! Not to mention the fettuccine with ricciola and the pasta with mushrooms. They also have daily specials you should definitely consider, and an extensive wine list. The red house wine isn’t bad either! Reservations are musts, if you want to dine outside make sure to be clear about it.

trattoria da teo rome
gricia with artichokes

Osteria le Mani in Pasta (Trastevere)

Get ready for a real traditional style trattoria experience. Oh, and make SUPER sure you have a reservation, this place is always packed. If you make a dinner reservation for the same day, don’t to it later than noon. The second you step inside Osteria Le Mani in Pasta, you’re wrapped up by a warm and informal atmosphere, typical of a Roman trattoria.  And on the same note, the food here is mind blowing! They serve exquisite Roman cuisine as well as yummy seafood, meat and pasta dishes from different Italian regions. Definitely order the seabass carpaccio with truffles. Another A-lister is the delicate homemade pasta with cherry tomatoes, sea bream and shrimp. The service is super friendly and efficient. Always make a reservation, at least a day in advance.

osteria le mani in pasta
pasta with cherry tomatoes, sea bream and shrimp

Address: Via dei Genovesi, 37
Phone: +39065816017
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 7.30pm – 11.30pm
Average price: €35+
Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard

Trattoria Da Enzo (Trastevere)

Da Enzo is the place you go to for the real trattoria experience. I’m not just talking about the food, I’m talking about the ambiance as well. Da Enzo is a tiny trattoria with both an indoor and outdoor area. If you’re not seated immediately, definitely don’t give up and stick around, it’s worth the wait! The pastas are exceptional, the fried antipasti perfect and the traditional Roman meat dishes perfectly executed. The atmosphere is casual and the service is fast and friendly.

The best Trattorias in Rome

Address: Via dei Vascellari, 29
Phone: +39 06 581 2260
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 7.30pm – 11pm
Average price: €30+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

To fully immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Rome, consider joining a food tour in Trastevere. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the best Roman foods at various restaurants, including the famous Da Enzo. With 13 delicious samples across 7 different tasting locations, it’s an unmissable experience for any food enthusiast

The best trattorias in Campo de’ Fiori & Piazza Navona

Giulio Passami L’Olio (Piazza Navona)

A cozy and relaxed and trattoria tucked away in a side street close to Piazza Navona. As soon as you step inside you’re immersed in an intimate atmosphere, with wood paneling all throughout and stacks of wine bottles all over the walls. There are few tables so always make a reservation! During the summer, there is also outdoor seating. The must-orders at Giulio Passami L’Olio? The Roman-style artichokes and the cold cuts and cheese board to start, followed by the one and only: cacio e pepe with truffles. It is phenomenal. The wine list is huge, so take your time reading through it! And the service is the cherry on top of the cake: friendly and efficient.

giulio passami l'olio
cacio e pepe with truffle

Address: Via di Monte Giordano, 28
Phone: +39 06 6880 3288
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 2am
Average price: €35+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

Osteria da Fortunata (Campo de’ Fiori)

This restaurant has to be on your list of traditional Roman restaurants. Situated in Campo dei Fiori, on a corner overlooking the piazza, Osteria da Fortunata is one of those restaurant you won’t forget. The casual ambiance with a friendly service creates the perfect Roman atmosphere, not to mention the lady making fresh homemade pasta right in front of you! It’s obvious that at Osteria da Fortunata you have to try something in particular: the pasta. It’s outstanding. The carbonara is one of the best carbonaras I’ve ever tasted. The cacio e pepe makes the list, too. The wine selection is not vast, but it’s definitely good. The desserts are also yummy and the whole vibe is just great. Definitely come here for lunch or dinner!

The best Trattorias and Osterias in Rome

Address: Via del Pellegrino, 11
Phone: +39 06 6066 7391
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 1am
Average price: €30 +
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

The best trattorias near the Pantheon

Osteria del Sostegno (Pantheon)

Tucked away on a side street just a stone’s throw away from the Pantheon, Osteria del Sostegno is a hidden gem. Cozy, warm and elegant are the adjectives that best describe this charming osteria. The osteria’s name, “Il Sostegno” – meaning “support” – comes from the bream that holds an old building. Just a few tables outdoor and indoor make this restaurant the perfect place for an intimate gathering. But it’s not just the atmosphere and setting that will make you fall in love with Osteria del Sostegno, the menu certainly delivers. Simple dishes made with the highest quality ingredients is what sets this restaurant apart. Start off with the focaccine with olive patè and the bruschette with tomatoes. Trust me! My favorite dish? The amatriciana. This is probably the best amatriciana I’ve ever tasted. Not to mention the pollo alla cacciatora! The wine selection is exceptional, and their hazelnut ice cream is something you can’t miss out on. Reservations are musts.

Trattorie near the Pantheon

Address: Via delle Colonnelle, 5
Phone: +39 06 679 3842
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3.30pm / Monday – Saturday 7.30pm – 11.30pm
Average price: €40+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

The best trattorias in Testaccio

Flavio al Velavevodetto (Testaccio)

Fresh homemade pasta, top-quality ingredients coming from the restaurant’s private land, a Roman atmosphere, and dining  rooms decorated with terracotta fragments, this is what you get at Testaccio’s very own Flavio al Velavevodetto. In the past years, this restaurant has received the reputation of one of the best Roman cuisine restaurants in the Eternal City. And I have to agree. The tonnarelli cacio e pepe are to die for, the gricia is exceptional, and if you like meat, definitely try the polpette di bollito! The wine selection is also top quality, and includes 200 labels. Reservations are musts.

The best Trattorias and Osterias in Rome
cacio e pepe

Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 97
Phone: +39 06 5744194
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 7.30pm – 12am
Average price: €40+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

La Torricella (Testaccio)

This is a local’s secret. If you’re craving Roman classics but also delicious seafood dishes, you’ve hit the jackpot. In the Testaccio neighbourhood, La Torricella has become an institution. Its casual ambiance, typical of a trattoria, with its friendly, relaxed and efficient service creates the perfect setting for a great meal. The food is delicious. Go for a seafood dish, hear their daily specials, but also ask for a cacio e pepe or a carbonara if you feel like going for a Roman classic. Or hey, why not have a Roman classic with a seafood twist? Definitely make a reservation!

The best Trattorias and Osterias in Rome
cacio e pepe

Address: Via Evangelista Torricelli, 2/12
Phone: +39 06 574 6311
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 7.30pm – 12am
Average price: €30+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

Trattoria Da Bucatino (Testaccio)

This rustic neighbourhood trattoria is the place locals go to for Roman fare. As you can imagine, the bucatini all’amatriciana are to die for in this place. The decor is a bit outdated, but the atmosphere is that of a typical trattoria and the service is relaxed and efficient. Sit down, relax, order some red wine and definitely don’t forget to put on your bib before trying the dishes! Definitely reserve.

The best Trattorias and Osterias in Rome

Address: Via Luca della Robbia, 84
Phone: +39 06 574 6886
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 7pm – 12am
Average price: €30+
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

Trattoria Da Felice (Testaccio)

This historic restaurant  serves top-quality traditional Roman cuisine. While it’s known as an institution for its Roman cuisine, the atmosphere is not the one of a typical Roman trattoria. It’s more chic and the traditional design mixes with some modern details to  create a cozy and relaxed setting. Definitely don’t miss out on the heavenly  tonnarelli cacio e pepe or the abbacchio al forno. If you’re in doubt, ask the friendly and informal service who will always know what to suggest. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

The best Trattorias and Osterias in Rome
cacio e pepe

Address: Via Mastro Giorgio, 29
Phone: +39 06 574 6800
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3pm / 8pm – 12am
Average price: €40+
Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard

Exploring Testaccio’s food scene is essential for any food lover in Rome. Join a food tour in this authentic neighborhood to dive into the heart of Roman cuisine. Not only will you explore traditional dishes at local spots, but you’ll also have the chance to dine at the renowned Flavio al Velavevodetto, famous for its authentic Roman cuisine. The tour also includes a visit to the bustling Testaccio food market, a hub of fresh produce and local flavors. 

The best trattorias in Parioli

Ambasciata D’Abruzzo (Parioli)

While this restaurant in the chic Parioli neighbourhood of Rome is not exactly a trattoria, it definitely serves some great Roman cuisine. Since 1960, Ambasciata d’Abruzzo cooks up some yummy Roman and Abruzzese dishes. Start with the artichokes followed by some yummy cacio e pepe or the incredible tonnarelli alla crema di limone e zafferano. For the meat lovers, go with the classic saltimbocca alla romana. But not to worry, there are plenty of delicious seafood dishes, too. Definitely go with the risotto alla pescatora. And to pair with your meal, a great wine selection awaits you. The simple yet elegant setting and great service will make Ambasciata D’Abruzzo a place you’ll go back to over and again.

the best trattorias in Rome

Address: Via Pietro Tacchini, 26
Phone: +39 06 8078256
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12.30pm – 3.30pm / 7.15pm – 12am
Average price: €35+
Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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