The best cocktail bars in Budapest

I had heard lots about Budapest’s nightlife, how it was super cool and dynamic. Which is exactly why I was surprised when I got there and most places closed at 12am.

Like why?

But then I found the cutest little bar in Budapest which instantly had me hooked. And no, they don’t close at 12am!


It’s this small, intimate and stylish bar (resembling a speakeasy) located in Budapest’s 6th district, on the Pest side of the chain bridge. It’s just a 10-minute walk from the Chain Bridge, and a 5-minute walk from Andrassy utca.

best bars in budapestYou enter and the whole atmosphere wraps you up. The bar is divided in two floors with dimmed lights, warm reds, beautiful mirrors and a cool bar adorned by all the different kinds of liquor bottles you can imagine.

And if that weren’t enough to set the mood, the cool background music that ranges from oldies to contemporary music surely will!  They even played some old Italian music at a certain point, and I felt at home!

If you haven’t reserved in advance, cross your fingers, it’ll be pretty hard to find a table at Boutiq Bar without a reservation. But hope is always the last one to die, so go ahead and give it a try!

Boutiq Bar is the place for those that are into cocktails. Not cocktails as in classic (yet delicious) drinks, but for those that are into mixology.

best bars in budapestI tried three different cocktails and they were delicious! Not only were they delicious, the presentation is super cool as well! One was in a tea cup accompanied by a stress ball!

best bars in budapest

Another one was called “Treasure Chest” and the cocktail was inside a small box!

best bars in budapestThey have drinks with every liquor you want, as well as Hungary’s famous Palinka, a brandy distilled form different kinds of fruit. What’s hilarious about the menu is the way they describe and name the drinks! There is even a section called “Can’t be bothered” where you’ll find the most popular drinks at the moment such as the Moscow Mule.

best bars in budapestThe service is efficient and friendly and the bartenders seriously know what they’re doing. And they definitely put a lot of passion into their mixing and shaking.

best bars in budapestIf you want a delicious cocktail in a stylish and intimate setting, Boutiq Bar in Budapest’s 6th district is definitely the place to go. Just don’t forget that reservation!



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