Although 2020 and the first two-thirds of 2021 saw motorcycle production and shipping schedules impacted by COVID-19, there are still great new bikes on the horizon. Here’s a guide to all the new and upcoming dirt bike launches that can be of your use.

So why wait? Take a look!


The RX Beta 300 

The 2021 Beta RX 300 is a completely new model and will compete with the 300 RR enduro bikes. The RX receives a specially designed frame for dirt track riding on a Sachs shock and KYB fork.

The 293cc beast, like the RR, has been modified a little to suit the riders’ motocross needs. It has a 6-speed transmission and Brembo hydraulic clutch. Other features include a larger carburettor, an electric starter, multiple power modes and premix lubrication rather than oil injection.

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KTM 450 SX-F (2021 Model)

This year’s most significant upgrades are made to the SX flagship. These changes include engine casing and shift locker as well as crankshaft and an upgraded piston.

The 450, like the entry-level 350 SXF and 250, is now compatible with myKTM. The app will allow riders to sync their bikes through their smartphones.

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The YZ250F From Yamaha

The common theme for 2021 is to improve mid-end torque. The Yamaha YZ250F was the lucky winner of the series of improvements this year. The machine has new features/changes such as an improved camshaft and shifts cam, a new cylinder, a redesigned entire intake system ECU, water up, transmission and impeller systems.    

These changes give the bike more mid-to-high-end power and peak output while still maintaining its low-end specifications.

There is more. This includes the chassis, engine mounts and suspension as well as brake hardware, triple clamp, handlebar mount, and engine mounts. These are called an update, but we refer to it as a complete overhaul.

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The 2021 KX450 and KX450XC From Kawasaki

The 450 also gets its fair share of updates. The new Renthal fat bar, coned disk-spring hydraulic clutch and larger clutch plates are all part of the upgrades. The 450 comes with a standard Renthal Fatbar handlebar, just like the 250.

The XK flagship gets an XC version with an optimized off-road engine and suspension setup, just like the 250. Other inclusions include trim-specific brake components and 21- and 18-inch wheels with Dunlop GEOMAX At81 tires. A skid plate and kickstand are also included.

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The 2021 CRF450R By Honda

The Honda RX RWE motocrosser, Honda’s flagship bike, has received several upgrades. Most notable is the new compact twin-spar aluminium frame and swingarm. This makes 450 lighter and stiffer with improved ground clearance.

The changes inside the frame consist of:

  1. A bigger airbox. 
  2. New single exhaust. 
  3. A redesigned throttle body. 
  4. A magnesium cylinder head. 
  5. A smaller clutch pull and,
  6. A smaller fuel pump. 

Honda’s 450 models boast a larger airbox that allows for more power in the low- and mid-range.

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2021 125 and 150 SX by KTM

The 2021 KTM 125SX receives a stronger factory setup and a shiny set WP XACT front & rear suspension. KTM calls the bike “fresh piston, clutch internals,” but the company won’t go into too many details.

KTM’s rubber choice in 2021 is Dunlop. 

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Wrapping Up

2021 will bring crazy dirt bike upgrades from nearly all brands. Many helmet upgrades are available to make them lighter, stronger and more attractive, in addition to the bikes we mentioned above.

Make sure you consider your budget, riding location, and expertise level before deciding to buy any of the abovementioned beauties. As amazing as they come, operating them on the tracks could be another thing coming for you. 

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