The best bars in Rome for aperitivo

Are you looking for an amazing aperitivo bar in Rome’s Parioli neighbourhood? Then there’s one place you cannot miss, and it’s called Duke’s. For those that don’t already know about Duke’s Roma, it’s THE place to get WOW cocktails, amazing food, a trendy atmosphere and the best service in town.

best restaurants in romeI can’t even remember how many times I’ve been here. And it just NEVER gets old! There are three options at Duke’s Roma: You can swing by at 7pm and have the best happy hour in Rome. You can reserve a table for dinner and taste delicious food, or you can come by after dinner and enjoy Duke’s signature cocktails.

The happy hour is the best in town in terms of variety, presentation and also price. During happy hour, drinks are 50% off as well as the happy hour dishes, which come directly from the restaurant’s menu! It’s the perfect time to taste those Duke’s signature cocktails, and there is one in particular you have to try: the COSMOPOLITAN!

I have never tasted a Cosmo this good. It’s actually kind of sad because since I’ve tasted Duke’s Cosmopolitan, I can never order it at any other bar because it’s just not as good  (yes, it’s that good)! Another must-try cocktail is Duke’s Negroni, which is a bit different from the traditional Negroni.

Along with great cocktails (and/or wine and beer) order some delicious food from all over the world:  from guacamole to tempura and sushi all the way to filet mignon bites with different yummy sauces. My favourites are the footloose, angus tartare, angus royal, tuna tartare and the tempura.

If you’re not really a happy hour person (but honestly, who isn’t?), then go for dinner! Or hey, why not do both!

the best restaurants in RomeDinner at Duke’s is spectacular. To start off, the atmosphere is just perfect: the American-style design with modern wood panelling and the chill-out vibes in the background set the tone. The crowd is a mix of locals and internationals of all ages and the service is exceptional.

the best restaurants in RomeDuke’s serves mind-blowing Californian/Italian cuisine. The menu stays the same but expect to try a new dish each season. My absolute favourite dishes are the oriental ravioli, the timberland quail, the Kingfish Tataki and the Duke’s rib-eye steak. They are so delicious and rich with flavour!

the best bars in Rome for aperitivoThe wine selection is also phenomenal and it includes lots of international wines, mainly focusing on Californian, Italian, French and Chilean whites and reds. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some space for the amazing desserts! As the waiter takes you through them, you’re going to want to just order them all – actually – you’re going to want to directly take the pastry chef home with you.

From spring time, you can also enjoy Duke’s outside space with a nice garden. While for an outstanding after-dinner cocktail, sit at the trendy bar or in the outdoor tables (heated during the winter).

the best bars in Rome for aperitivoDuke’s is definitely one of those places you need to try. And another huge bonus is that the service at this restaurant is extremely professional and friendly. Every time I go there, one of the guys that works there comes to say hello and says: “So, Cosmopolitan for you?”

Don’t forget to make a reservation for dinner, while for happy hour, arrive at 7pm sharp or you’ll have to wait in line for a table as it’s  first-come first-serve.

Address: Viale Parioli, 200

Phone Number: +39 06 8066 2455

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (Sep-June) / Monday – Friday (July – August)

Happy Hour: 7pm – 8.30pm

Bar: 7pm – 2am

Dinner: 8.30pm – 12am

Dinner Average price: 50+ EUR

Cocktail Price: 5 EUR (from 7pm – 8.30pm) 12 EUR (8.30pm – 2am)

Happy hour average price: 15+ EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard



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