One of the best restaurants with a view in Ponza Island

In a quiet street of Ponza’s port, you will find EEA: one of the best gourmet restaurants on the island. Everyone knows that when you’re on vacation, food is like gold for your palate. And for me, DELICIOUS food is simply a must to make my vacation perfect.

the best restaurants with a view in Ponza IslandI have to say that on our first night in Ponza we went to the perfect place. The restaurant is called EEA and it’s located in Ponza’s port area. Once you reach the restaurant and walk a flight of stairs, you’re immersed in this lovely elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Since it’s summer, eating out in the open on EEA’s stunning terrace is a MUST! So my first tip is that you call on the same day to make a reservation (even two days before for the weekend) and specifically ask for a table with a sea view! Lucky for us, we were only two and they had the perfect table.

the best restaurants with a view in ponza islandThe terrace has candlelit tables that create a romantic atmosphere, and it overlooks the port, creating that picture-perfect moment! If you’re going on a romantic date or if you just want to treat yourself to a beautiful place, EEA is certainly to put on your list!

best restaurants in ponza islandAfter we were seated at our table, we were offered a fantastic amuse-bouche: an amberjack meatball with a homemade lemon mayonnaise. It was incredible! The wine selection is also wonderful, with both Italian regional wines and local wines from Ponza.

And the menu, the menu is superb! I’d say that it’s one of the most sophisticated restaurants on the island, so if you like food with a twist, you’ve hit the jackpot with EEA!

best restaurants in ponza islandI started out with a wonderful seafood cruditè selection that included a tuna tartare, an amberjack tartare, a small shrimp tartare (with a fabulous lemon sauce) and a fresh prawn. My boyfriend ordered something out of the menu, it was this delicious fried zucchini flowers with burrata and avocado!

And as a main course, I definitely won! I ordered EEA’s fish soup (one of the best fish soup’s I’ve had) and also maybe the best if not the second best dish that I’ve had on my vacation. It was a very simple fish soup with a ginger aroma and a yummy tomato gazpacho. I definitely recommend it!

best restaurants in ponza islandTo finish off, there is also a delicious dessert selection, but we skipped that and went straight to our Finocchietto. It’s a local liquor made with fennel,  truly delightful and a must-try!

Throughout the whole dining experience, the service was also wonderful: friendly and professional. Let’s just say that EEA has all the cards for a perfect dining experience. It’s definitely a place to try while you’re in Ponza! Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Address: Corso Umberto I

Phone number: +39 0771 80100

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 8pm – 12am

Average price: 50+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard


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