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Ciao, I’m Federica Rustico, blogger and owner of Where To Go In

I’m a 28-year-old globetrotter who is in love with food, travels and fun! I was born in NYC from a family of Italian diplomats, and up till now I’ve visited 67 cities around the world and lived in 7: NYC, Tehran, Rome, Houston, Istanbul, London and Budapest!

You must be thinking: “wow she probably speaks lots of languages!” While I am bilingual in Italian and English, my wonderful parents, who are bilingual in French and German, didn’t think to speak to me in those languages as a child (no gold star for them).  But while I’m not fluent in German nor French, I am mother-tongue Itanglish (you know, that language when you speak in Italian and English at the same time)!

The story behind my Where To Go In Travel Blog

What brought me to start Where To Go In? My deep passion for travel, lifestyle, food and luxury. But the bell started ringing while I was living in London and met an English guy who told me that Rome was boring. He said there was nothing to do in the Eternal City apart from eating gelato and visiting monuments. I thought to myself, he seriously needs someone to tell him where to go!

So I started my blog www.wheretogoinrome.com just for fun in my university years. Until suddenly it started to pick up. One day, while deciding what to do on a Saturday night, one of my university friends shared my blog url in our WhatsApp group for ideas! I was shocked that they even knew it (I had never told anyone about it)! After a while, I decided to share my advice on more destinations whenever I traveled and expanded the blog to wheretogoin.net!

My mission? Helping you travel in style and experiencing destinations to their fullest! Many of you may not know that to travel in style, you don’t always need to break the bank! I show you how!

If you want to embark on a journey around the world discovering the cutest places to visit, the yummy and trendy places to dine, the cozy places to stay at and the unforgettable ones to have fun, join me!

Blog Awards

My travel and lifestyle blog has been featured in Feedspot’s Top 75 Travel Lifestyle Blogs & Websites for Travelers  Where To Go In has also been featured as one of the top 35 Italy Travel Blogs

Where To Go In has been featured as one of the Top 14 Travel blogs for Italy by Vidalingua


Where To Go In has also been featured as one of the Top 20 travel blogs in Rome by LuggageHero

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Embark with me on a journey around the world!

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