Fondazione Prada: one of Milan’s best art galleries and spaces

Opened in 2015, Milan’s Fondazione Prada is the contemporary art gallery Italy has been waiting for. It offers visitors a chance to reunite with art in a way to understand our culture and ideas. With society moving at a fast pace, new ideas constantly emerge, and Fondazione Prada is like a giant mood board showcasing the world’s current cultural and artistic mind and spirit.

Fondazione Prada gives its visitors the possibility to interact with art and our society’s ideas, giving us the chance to understand how WE and the world are changing, through a series of permanent and temporary art exhibitions.

the best contemporary art galleries in MilanBut it’s not only the art that is fascinating at Fondazione Prada – situated in a former 1910’s distillery, the architectural design of the exhibition space is also fabulous! A series of three new buildings (Podium, Cinema and Torre) have been added to the seven existing buildings, creating a unique configuration, and a great artistic path to follow.

The museum’s space consists of 19,000 square meters and most of the exhibition space displays 20th and 21st century art. The exhibition rooms are enormous, allowing the artworks to speak for themselves and to be the  protagonist.

From giant sculptures and installations, to interesting contemporary technology merged with art, Fondazione Prada gives its visitors an interesting perspective to everyday life. My personal favourite was an installation depicting, for me – to reach for the stars and your dreams. After your visit, don’t forget to stop by the wonderful Wes-Anderson-designed bar and cafeteria: Bar Luce.

Address: Largo Isarco, 2
Opening hours: Monday and Wednesday – Thursday from 10am – 7pm / Friday – Sunday from 10am – 9pm
Admission: 8 – 10 EUR



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