Francesco Taskayali: Turkish-Italian pianist and composer making his dreams comes true

There are those that move through words, and there are those that move through piano keys. It’s all about finding the harmony between each note, and Francesco Taskayali sure knows how to.

While many keep their dreams locked in a drawer, there are some of us that are not OK with just peaking inside before going to sleep. In a chaotic world, where you don’t even have the time to listen to your own thoughts, there is one person who is able to stop time.

francesco taskayali

Equipped with a piano and his talent, Francesco Taskayali’s music has been stopping commuters in Italy’s train stations and airports. From Tiburtina to Milano Centrale, his eclectic combination of notes floats in the air offering spectators a breath of fresh air, a moment of piece and emotion in an otherwise very monotonous day.

francesco taskayali: pianist and composer

But Francesco Taskayali has not only had train stations as his stage. The young Italian-Turkish pianist has been conquering the hearts of thousands with his international tours from the age of 18. While I was playing video games and watching TV, Francesco Taskayali at the age of eleven was already experimenting the synergies between notes. He had never been taught composition, yet his natural aptitude allowed for his senses to pair the perfect notes and create his first sensational track, È Sera, at the age of 13.

francesco taskayali: turkish-italian pianist and composer

In 2012, his talent leads him to live his dream: traveling the world while playing his music. With a flight every two weeks, Francesco had concerts in four different continents, from Africa and Indonesia, to South America and Europe.

I asked myself if I could imagine a life better than the one I was living, I couldn’t, I was at the top of the world. I didn’t earn much, but I was happy to travel and play for an international audience, I think it’s every artist’s dream.

francesco taskayali: warner music group

And what starts as a concert “just for fun”, at his friend’s house in Rome, is followed by invitations from Cultural Institutes around the world.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses for Francesco either. With recurring thoughts of locking his dream in the drawer and questioning his path, Francesco has also had his rough patch:

Of course there are down moments, there were moments where I wanted to sell my piano, moments where I asked myself if I was taking the right road. But I think this happens in any career that you truly love and that touches your heart. Because when you’re heart is not involved, everything is much easier. When you’re heart is not involved, everything is more mathematical and scientific. But when passion is involved with work, when you see that you’re not accomplishing anything, it hurts. It hurts more than a betrayal.

But talent and perseverance are the key to success, and Francesco Taskayali sure knows how to get back up.

Francesco Taskayali biography

Taking the road to Santiago in 2014 gave Francesco the strength to keep on going:

You find yourself on a road 850km long, where you simply can’t go back. There are four mountains that you have to cross, and the climbs are traumatic. During the climbs, you notice that the first thing that abandons you are not your legs, but your head. You’re head tells you that you’re in pain, that you’re tired, that you need to find another solution because you can’t make it. And it’s in difficult times like these that you need to disconnect your brain, and take one step at a time. And trust me, you will get to the top…You need to stop putting yourself down, you need to stop complaining and you need to keep on going.

Francesco Taskayali Camino de Santiago

Years later, after having played in Rome, Berlin, Colonia, London, Paris, Istanbul, Jakarta, Caracas and many others, and having recorded three albums – Emre, LeVent and Flying – Francesco Taskayali is going on tour again.  And trust me, this tour cannot be missed.

francesco taskayali music

Those of you who adore his eclectic style – merging classic, contemporary, minimalistic and jazz – will surely follow Francesco anywhere he goes.

It’s beautiful to know that someone is listening to your music.

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Francesco Taskayali and Warner Music Group

I wrote this article about Francesco in March 2016. Today, in 2018, he is a pianist and composer for Warner Music Group and goes on music tours worldwide. When you really believe in something, strive for it, and don’t be your own obstacle.


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