Hotel Chiaia di Luna: the best place to stay in Ponza Island

Just a five-minute walk from the port of Ponza, up high in one of the most beautiful panoramic locations in the island is where you will find the four-star Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna.

ponza island port hotels grand hotel chiaia di lunaIf you’re searching for a Mediterranean feel, a stunning view, and an exceptional staff, you’ve hit the jackpot! Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna is set on the cliffs of Ponza, and offers a terrific view of the island of Palmarola and the scenographic Chiaia di Luna Bay.

ponza island port hotels grand hotel chiaia di lunaBut it’s not just the jaw-dropping view that will instantly make you fall in love with this hotel. Wake up every morning to a delicious breakfast buffet, and continue your day relaxing in the hotel’s beautiful salt-water swimming pool. And if you get hungry, there’s a delicious restaurant right next to the pool.

ponza island port hotels grand hotel chiaia di lunaFrom the standard rooms to the suites, all accommodations have a Mediterranean vibe with blue and turquoise tiled floors that give a refreshing feel.

All rooms also have flat-screen TVs and air conditioning. The staff is kind and goes above and beyond to make your stay just perfect, and a complimentary shuttle bus will pick you up from the port.

ponza island port hotels grand hotel chiaia di lunaFor entertainment, you’re in the best hotel in the island! The Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna has a stunning lounge bar with piano music called Le Terrazze. It’s the most inn place in the island of Ponza to enjoy a happy hour sunset.


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