The best places for burgers in Budapest

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a burger accompanied by a cold beer, am I right? But the thing is, finding the perfect hamburger is not that easy! I was hit by this burger craving the other day and decided to go to a place in Budapest that looked really cute. While the burger wasn’t bad, I was very upset that I couldn’t choose my medium-rare meat. Like why?

the best hamburger in budapestThe next day (still craving the perfect burger) I decided to listen to my Hungarian friend who told me to try Meat Boutique. And MAN was he completely right, the burger there is PERFECT!

meat boutique budapestLocated in Buda just a footstep away from the Chain Bridge, Meat Boutique is a super cute small bistro. The decor is really nice, there are both indoor and outdoor tables, perfect all year long!

The staff is SUPER sweet and friendly and will help you out with anything you need!

On the menu there are lots of different dishes, but I definitely urge you to try the meats (Meat Boutique, duh)!  I saw a nice steak at the table next to me and I am for sure trying that next time! But I wanted a hamburger! And I can’t recommend it enough! I have to say that Meat Boutique is THE place to go in Budapest for the perfect burger.

meat boutique budapestThe hamburger comes with cheddar cheese, a delicious hamburger bun, salad, sweet potato chips, bacon and lots of other things. But as you might know, I’m not a big fan of toppings (or sauces), so I had my burger super simple: rare meat, fresh tomatoes and the bun! My friend had it with everything else!

where to eat the best  burger in budapestAnd you know, when you get hamburgers without many toppings, the meat needs to be REALLY good, otherwise it’s just dry and tasteless. But not Meat Boutique’s burger, theirs is PERFECT!

meat boutique budapestThe meat was juicy, the tomatoes super fresh, the bun delicious and the sweet potato chips were just incredible and crunchy. Plus, a nice cold beer and I had the perfect meal!

I can say that after trying their burger, my hamburger cravings were finally fulfilled! I didn’t try anything else on the menu but glancing over the other tables everything looked delicious, so dig in! Don’t forget to make a reservation, this place is pretty full!

Address: Lánchíd utca 7

Phone Number: +36 797 9957

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 11am – 11pm / Friday – Saturday from 11am – 1am

Average price: 6000 + HUF / 20 + EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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