Where to rent a boat in Ponza Island

If you want to enjoy Ponza to the fullest, the best way to do so is by renting a boat. While Ponza Island does have a few beaches, reaching them requires walking up and down lots of stairs. Keep in mind that apart from the beach in Cala Feola and Frontone, other beaches do not have many services.

where to rent a boat in ponza islandPlus, if you don’t rent a boat, you’ll miss out on amazing beach coves. And Ponza is known for its beach coves. If you were searching for long stretches of sandy beaches, this is not the destination for you. But if you’re searching for crystal clear waters and stunning beach coves, this island is your place! Where can you hire a boat in Ponza?  You’ll find boat rentals everywhere in the island, from the port all the way to Le Forna, the only thing that changes is the price.

The most expensive place to rent a boat in Ponza is the port. Boats here will cost you from €90 to €150 per day without consumption costs. In Santa Maria, boats will be a little cheaper you from €80 per day without consumption costs. While in Le Forna they will cost you starting from €70 per day, without consumption costs. These prices are meant for the wooden boats, called gozzos, with boat engines under 40 horsepower, which can hold a maximum of 4 – 5 people.

where to hire a boat in ponzaFor motor dinghies you will pay from €120 – €160 per day, and for larger dinghies you will pay up to €200 – €300 per day.

Just keep in mind that if you’re renting a boat during the weekend, it will be hard to find one if you haven’t reserved in advance (during August). My advise is that once you rent a boat, you reserve it for the duration of your trip. If it’s peak season, I recommend you call in advance to reserve your boat. I called this year and the guy said he’d been getting reservations from April!

To rent a boat in Ponza, you don’t need a boat license for boats with engines equal to or less than 40 horsepower. You will be given a tutorial on how to use the boat. If you don’t feel comfortable driving the boat, you can hire a captain to take you around the island, the cost is about an additional €50 – €70 per day.

Boat Rentals in Ponza

GMM (Gianmaria Maltese):

Phone: +393458411359

planning your trip to ponza getting around in ponza

This boat rental is situated in Santa Maria, just a 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the port. If you want a skipper/captain, it’s an additional €50. The price of a motor dinghy is €160 for the day.


Phone: +39360475330

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Albatros is a boat rental located in Santa Maria, just a 10 to 15 minutes walk form the port, right next to GMM.

Achille e Lucia:

Phone: +390771809025 / +393683621195

planning your trip to ponza getting around in ponza

Achille e Lucia boat rental is located in Cala dell’Acqua,  facing the Island of Palmarola. The good thing about renting the boat in this part of the island is that reaching the Island of Palmarola will be much faster.


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  1. We are having trouble getting in touch to rent a boat ahead of time. We don’t even know if they are open yet on April 1 oandif renting a boat is out of the question. I’ve searched the internet and this is the only place I’ve found these boat rentals. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

    • Hello! I think April 1st may be a bit early but you could try contacting them. Try sending a whatsapp to GMM with the dates you will need the boat to see if they’re operational!

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