Roman seaside escapes: the best beach hotels near Rome

Just 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Rome, you will find Monte Circeo: beautiful sea, lovely old town, great vibe, and yummy food. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway from Rome and to enjoy a beach hotel in Italy. But if you want to experience the Circeo to its fullest, you should definitely take your car all the way up the Mount, to a place called Hotel Punta Rossa.

Luxury beach hotels near Rome: Hotel Punta Rossa

Hotel Punta Rossa’s location

Hotel Punta Rossais immersed in the National Park of Circeo, surrounded by botanical gardens full of beautiful tropical plants. From its high position on the mount, it gently slopes down to the beautiful rocky sea. What’s magical about Hotel Punta Rossa is that it never gets old, no matter how many times you go. It’s always fascinating, beautiful, luxurious, and simply perfect.

hotel punta rossa weekend getaway rome

Accommodation at Hotel Punta Rossa

Staying at this hotel will feel more like staying in a Mediterranean village. The hotel has both hotel rooms (perfect for a romantic getaway), as well as a seafront “Fisherman’s Village” composed of different-sized villas (for couples or families) that you can rent (for a minimum of one week). All the accommodations and villas are decorated in a classic Mediterranean style, creating a lovely and cool atmosphere. But as much as you’ll be in love with your villa or hotel room, nothing will beat the sensation you’ll get when you wake up in the morning and go to the rocky beach.

From the moment you wake up till the moment the sun sets, you will be spending your whole day at the sea. Hotel Punta Rossa is beautiful also because it has been able to merge comfort with nature. All of the sun beds and umbrellas are located on top of rocks, and ladders have been added to certain parts of the sea to allow guests easy access to the amazing seawater.

hotel punta rossa weekend getaway rome

Private Beach at Hotel Punta Rossa

If you like snorkeling, you’ve hit the jackpot, the sea is full of different fish and beautiful rocks that will make you spend hours swimming around. But make sure to get out of the water just in time for the hotel’s amazing lunch buffet. If you’re a seafood lover, it doesn’t get any better than this. Every day, from 12.30pm, the beautiful terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and the Pontine islands serves a spectacular lunch buffet composed of the catch of the day, seafood pasta, amazing fresh local products such as mozzarella, vegetables, fruit, and practically anything you can imagine.

hotel punta rossa weekend getaway rome

Sunset at hotel Punta Rossa

After lunch, enjoy a good book under the umbrella, or gently fall asleep to the sound of the waves. If you have kids and are worried about the rocks and the sea, no worries, there is a beautiful saltwater swimming pool where they can swim around while the lifeguard keeps an eye on them. Or you could always go take a swim in the beautiful beach cove with shallow waters, filled with pebbles and small rocks.

hotel punta rossa weekend getaway rome

But one thing is for certain, when the sun starts to set, you have to either be on your sun bed, or in the beautiful bar on the terrace, admiring the fantastic sunset. And of course, a cocktail, a prosecco, or a wine glass (accompanied by delicious finger food) is mandatory. This is one of the best moments of the day: it’s relaxing, it’s beautiful, and if you’re with your partner, it’s definitely super romantic.

Luxury beach hotels near Rome: Hotel Punta Rossa

Food at Hotel Punta Rossa

But the surprises don’t stop here. If you’re a foodie, you cannot miss out on Hotel Punta Rossa‘s amazing restaurant. The large windows that surround the restaurant offer a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, and the atmosphere is elegant yet homey.

The service at Hotel Punta Rossa’s restaurant is first-class. And the food and the wine selection are phenomenal. One of my favorite dishes is the ravioli ripieni di granchio con pomodori pachino e seppie croccanti (ravioli filled with crab with a cherry tomato and cuttlefish sauce) and the outstanding halibut with roasted potatoes. The delizia al limone is my favorite dessert of all time.

After dinner, sit outside on the beautiful veranda overlooking the sea, enjoy the wonderful live piano music and have Lorenzo prepare his one-of-a-kind sgroppino al limone. And if you want to look at the stars, head back to the sea or sit down in one of the chairs located next to the spa – the peaceful sound of the waves accompanied by an unforgettable starry sky will make your jaw drop.

hotel punta rossa weekend getaway rome

Hotel Punta Rossa is truly a magical place, and a must if you’re planning to stay in Rome during the summer and want to escape the heat to relax in one of Earth’s most paradisiac corners. Plus, it’s only 100 km from Rome.


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