5 beautiful Italian coastal towns and islands

Monte Circeo & Sabaudia

italian coastal towns

Situated just a one hour and a half drive from Rome, the Monte Circeo is one of those seaside locations where, apart from a few exceptions, you will only find Italians! It isn’t very well publicised, and in comparison to Puglia it doesn’t have the same white sandy beaches.

Seaside towns near Rome: a weekend in SabaudiaBut the water is crystal clear and beautiful! You can either go in the beaches on the seafront of Monte Circeo, or in the beautiful seafront of Sabaudia (the town built by Mussolini). Or, like I always prefer, go to either the stunning Hotel Punta Rossa or take a boat for the day in the port and head to the small bays during the day.

italian coastal townsThe water is fantastic, and if you like snorkelling, it’s great! Also, Sabaudia and Monte Circeo are full of cute local seafood restaurants, and happy hour is definitely the best time of the day.

italian coastal townsA glass of wine, the sunset and the beach…what more could you want? Oh, and there’s also some great shopping in the local boutiques!

Island of Ponza

the best beach coves in ponza island

Just a one-hour ferry-ride from the Port of San Felice Circeo (Monte Circeo) or a three-hour ferry-ride from Naples you will find the stunning island of Ponza. It’s not very well known among foreigners, I think it’s because they’re trying to keep it a secret!

Ponza island Italy

The island is stunning, made up of a lively port filled with houses of different colors. The food is exceptional, the sunset is to die for and the sea – the sea will fill you with joy. Unless you have your private boat, head to the port (or in other parts of the island for cheaper deals) and hire a boat for the day. Just keep in mind that Ponza is an island that should be enjoyed with a boat, not on the beach!

Ponza Island nightlife: the best bars

If you have a large enough boat and know your way around the sea, head to the stunning nearby island of Palmarola, and stop for lunch at O’Francese. Or hire a boat with a skipper!

Monte Argentario

italian coastal townsEveryone knows the Tuscan region. Yet somehow, it’s mostly famous for its rolling Tuscan hills, medieval towns and exceptional wines. But that’s not it! Tuscany also has some wonderful coastal towns, and some astonishingly beautiful hotels as well. If you like sandy beaches, head to la Feniglia, la Giannella or even Ansedonia.

But then again, if you’re interested in snorkelling and diving in some of the most beautiful waters of the Argentario, the best places to be are where the rocky coastline slopes down into the sea. Get yourself a reservation to the luxury hotel Pellicano near Porto Ercole, or the beautiful Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, located in one of the most beautiful bays of the Argentario. Cala Piccola, Cala Grande and Cala del Gesso have amazing waters.

italian coastal townsAnd for those that don’t have a private boat but want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Giglio island, get the ferry from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio and head to the pebbly beaches of le Cannelle, Arenella and Caldane.

Island of Elba

italian coastal towns

Although it may not be very famous among foreigners, you will probably remember the name of this island from your history books. The island of Elba, off the Tuscan coast, is known for having been the harbour of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile.

italian coastal townsAnd even though he got tired of it after 100 days, trust me, you won’t! The island boasts sensational beaches with crystal clear waters. From rocky beaches to sandy and pebbly beaches, all the way to a stunning red sand beach – Cala Seregola.


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