The best ice-cream in Budapest

Who doesn’t like gelato? Ok, the truth is I’m not really a gelato craver (I know, it’s blasphemous, especially coming from an Italian). But every now and then I get that normal craving all of us mortals get: GELATO!

the best ice-cream in budapest
The problem is though, I’m not in Italy. So where do I go have that  gelato in Budapest?

the best ice-cream in budapest: gelarto rosaIt’s really simple really, just go to Budapest’s St. Stephen’s Basilica and go where there’s that really long (but fast moving) line: GELARTO ROSA!

There are lots of flavours: vanilla, chilli chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, hazelnut, Nutella, pistachio …


My friend had the Oreo and vanilla ice-cream and I had the basil-lemon sorbet and vanilla. YOU HAVE TO GET THE BASIL-LEMON sorbet! So fresh!  The vanilla and the Oreo were great as well, but I was shocked for how good the sorbet was!

And the cutest thing? The way the ice-cream at Gelarto Rosa is presented: in a rose shape! It’s super Instagram friendly!

the best ice-cream in budapest
Here’s the picture of the gelato … this is the Oreo and vanilla one my friend @vinsotta took. I was too busy eating mine to be bothered to take a picture! Definitely go to Gelarto Rosa!

Address: Szent István tér, 3

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 10am – 10pm

Price for 2 flavours: 650 HUF


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