The best Italian restaurants in Budapest

Do you ever feel foodsick? That feeling that you get when you miss food from back home? I do! Being an Italian in Budapest, after a while you start craving those Italian tastes.  I get this even when I go on vacation, I sense my body NEEDS some pasta. the good pasta!

the best italian restaurants in BudapestAnd when I want to fulfil my Italian pasta cravings, Trattoria Pomo D’Oro in Budapest’s fifth district  is the place I go to! Not only is the food delicious, the atmosphere is SO Italian! Pomo D’Oro has the style of a typical Italian trattoria but with way more eye to detail and with a much more elegant vibe.

the best italian restaurants in BudapestYou eat and you listen to Italian oldies and Eros Ramazzotti. It FEELS like Italy. Not to mention the owners, Gianni & Geppo, such kind and lively people! They’re always around and come say hi to every one. Feels like you’re part of a big family!

the best italian restaurants in budapest trattoria pomo d'oroAnd then there’s the service, which cuddles you up. Every time we go there Diego has some special decorations on the table set up for us.

italian restaurants budapestThe wine list is Italian, but don’t worry, if you want to have some Hungarian wine they also have some amazing Hungarian wines! Don’t miss out on the Tokaj sweet wine (followed by a limoncello, we are in Italy after all)!

italian restaurants budapestThe food is delicious. DEFINITELY have the pizza. It’s great! My Naepoletan friend has tried it and she confirms. So if you want real Italian pizza, Pomo D’Oro is the place!  They have a wooden oven. I’ve said everything! Either the Margherita or the focaccia for a starter is a must!

trattoria pomo d'oro budapestThe pastas are also delightful. I LOVE (and always end up ordering) the cappellacci di gamberi e branzino all vongole veraci con pesto leggero (cappellacci pasta filled with seabass and shrimp with clams and a light pesto sauce). TO DIE FOR! I could eat 30 plates. Runner up are the pumpkin ravioli with spinach on a parmesan fondue.

trattoria pomo d'oro budapest

Trust me people, order these two. The meat is also delicious, as is the fish. But honestly, I always come here to eat pasta or pizza (pasta with seafood anyway)!

For dessert, I cannot recommend enough the chocolate suffle with gorgonzola and pear ice cream. I was not 100% sure about the gorgonzola but as soon as I tasted it I understood.

italian restaurants budapestLet’s face it, this place is amazing.  If you want Italian food and an Italian atmosphere, go ahead and reserve! Definitely make a reservation (the day before), they are always packed (why wouldn’t they be)?!

Address: Arany János utca, 9

Phone number: +36 302 6473

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 12am

Average price: 10000+ HUF / 35+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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