The best Japanese restaurants in Budapest

It was my first week in Budapest. I didn’t know anyone, nor anything. Dinner time. Where To Go? My sister and I surfed the web like our life depended on it, we were craving some Japanese food.

Tokio restaurant budapest

We stumbled upon some good reviews of this Tokio restaurant, located on the Pest side of the Chain Bridge, literally 50 meters from the Four Seasons Hotel.

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeWe looked at the menu, some pictures on Instagram and we were sold. We reserved and bam, just like that, we found one of our go-to restaurants in Budapest!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridge

If it’s a trendy setting that you like, good Japanese food, yummy cocktails (not strong) and a cool live Dj, Tokio restaurant in Budapest is the place to go!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeWhat struck me right away was the decor. It’s so cool! They have lights in different colors, and the whole setting is just decorated in a way that makes you feel like you’ve been catapulted in Tokyo!

Along with the funky decor and L-shaped bar that changes color depending on the music, there is also a Dj playing some lounge music. It’s the perfect setting for a cool get-together.

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeAnd the food? The food is also really good at Tokio! I’ve been there so many times already that I always end up ordering the same things.

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeIf it’s a little bit of spice that you like, the yami yami as a started is fantastic. It’s a salmon tartare with avocado, spicy ponzu and masago, it’s one of my favourites!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeIf it’s really simple classic food you want, the harumaki (spring rolls) and the tempura are musts! The tempura is seriously delicious, it’s light and crispy!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeBut something that left me stunned were the gyoza, their steamed dumplings filled with chicken. Seriously good! To say the truth, my brother’s girlfriend ordered them, and I ended up trying one (ok, maybe two)!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeIf you’re one of those people that is obsessed with miso soup and that doesn’t feel at home without one, the miso soup at Tokio is amazing! So make yourself at home and order one!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeTo continue, the samui is delicious (but share it or it’s too much), it’s calamari with cilantro, carrots and spring onion. Another classic one is the Tamago Kome (share this too), their fried rice with eggs, vegetables, shrimp, chicken and beef. YUMMY!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeOf course Tokio also serves super fresh sushi and sashimi. My favorite (as usual) are the salmon avocado rolls and the Season 3!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeYou can also order a mixed platter of sushi and sashimi if you prefer. To say the truth, the menu is really extensive, so you can pretty much order anything!

Now, let’s get to the drinks! There is a wide selection of cocktails that are really good, they’re very balanced and not strong. If you prefer wine, they have a great international wine selection, but ask them for a suggestion on Hungarian wine! I had one (can’t remember the name) and it was so good! And of course, lots of sake to choose from!

Restaurants in Budapest near chain bridgeInstead of dessert, I had a sweet wine from the Tokaj wine region. I made a good choice!

Oh, just in case you were wondering, the service is fast and efficient!

So if you’re a Japanese food lover and you like stylish/trendy places, put Tokio on your “Budapest restaurants” list! It’s really worth it! Just don’t forget to make a reservation.



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