The best Japanese restaurants in Rome

Cool places in Rome are popping out like daisies these days! We all knew that the quality of the restaurants in Rome was very high, but did we now that they were trendy as well?

Not so much.

The restaurants that didn’t have a big compromise between “quality food” and “trendiness” could be counted on two hands. But in the last two years or so, some amazing restaurants with an international vibe have opened. And one of them is Nojo, in the Ponte Milvio area.

I’ve been eyeing this restaurant since they day it opened on October 2016, trying to find a day to try it. And then you know how that gets, you have one weekend after the other and you keep postponing and you never end up going.

Japanese restaurants in RomeUntil Valentine’s day arrived (YAY) and my boyfriend surprised me and took me to Nojo! I was as happy as a kid on Christmas day (yes, you know that I am deeply in love with food, I’m not weird ok). Nojo is contemporary, it’s stylish and it’s really trendy. It’s a melting pot of locals and internationals that love contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Japanese restaurants in RomeAnd there is no compromise between “quality of the food” and “trendiness” at Nojo. No sir, they perfectly balance each other. So if you’re into Japanese fusion and you like to frequent stylish places, get Nojo on your list.

Japanese restaurants in RomeThe setting alone is already a reason you should go. If not for dinner at least for cocktails. The cocktails are amazing! I tried two different ones and they were truly spectacular, I recommend you order the Umami Distrosion. There’s also a wine list, but it’s not very extensive and I just think that this is a cocktail place. But wine lovers, don’t worry, you’ll find good wine as well!

japanese restaurants in romeBack to the setting, it’s contemporary and minimalist, with blacks prevailing and two striking columns that light up at night to set the mood. There is also a big open kitchen where you can admire the chefs in action, and great background music.

Japanese restaurants in RomeBut now that I’ve got you all fired up about the setting, let me get to the food. The food is amazing, super fresh, innovative and just perfect.

The salmon tartare and the prawn tartare are delicious, an explosion of freshness. As is the yummy seabass ceviche!

the best japanese restaurants in RomeSince I’m a huge truffle lover, we had the truffle seabass popiah, which are crunchy seabass rolls with black truffles and yuzu (AMAZING)!

Japanese restaurants in RomeTo continue, a shared platter of mixed sashimi with tuna, salmon, shrimps and seabass. It was so good that we ordered another one.

Japanese restaurants in Rome And then some delicious rolls. My favorite one being the Nojo roll with red shrimp, mango, tobico and ponzu sauce.

Japanese restaurants in RomeTo finish off, we ordered the Tiramisushi! It’s so cool, it’s a tiramisu in a roll and it’s really good! They had some pretty interesting desserts, and I will definitely be back to try more of them (as well as their cooked dishes)!

Japanese restaurants in RomeIf you’re into stylish settings with wow Japanese food, you’re going to feel at home at Nojo. Oh, and the service and staff are wonderful and efficient. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Japanese restaurants in Rome

Address: Viale di Tor di Quinto, 35

Phone Number: +39 06 333 0946

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday from 7.45pm – 12am / Friday – Saturday from 7.45pm – 2am / Sunday from 7.45pm – 1am

Average price: 60+ EUR

Cocktail price: 10 – 13 EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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