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Recently, my aunt came to visit my sister and I in Rome. And anyone who has an aunt knows that when she sees her nieces, she’s going to spoil them! And that’s exactly what happened during her week-long visit to Rome. She’s a major foodie so she took us to some yummy places. My absolute favorite? This beautiful lakeside restaurant in Anguillara Sabazia: Chalet del Lago.

If you’re up for a short drive, just a 40-minute drive from Rome you’ll find the beautiful Lake Bracciano with its charming towns scattered along its coast. From Trevignano to Bracciano and Anguillara, you MUST visit one of these lakeside locations in Rome, (especially if it’s during springtime or summer)! The lake, the towns and the whole scenery is just breathtaking. We arrived to Anguillara and went straight to Chalet del Lago, a beautiful restaurant right on the lake. The backdrop? Lake Bracciano and the town of Anguillara.

Lakes near Rome Anguillara

We were seated immediately in a lovely table with a jaw-dropping view. The setting? Picture-perfect! And the menu totally lives up to the setting! Unlike most restaurants in Anguillara, Chalet del Lago serves a seafood menu, and the fish is extremely fresh! We started off with the impepata di cozze – mussel sautè with lemon and pepper – and the crunchy homemade chips with cacio e pepe. Yummy! Then we had the amazing “ajo e ojo” pasta with shrimps with mojito and almonds – to die for! And of course, a great wine selection to choose from, and my aunt being a sommelier, she definitely chose right!

Chalet del Lago Anguillara Sabazia restaurant

Chalet del Lago Anguillara Sabazia restaurant

Chalet del Lago Anguillara Sabazia restaurant

After our delicious lakeside lunch, we stepped down onto the lakeside and laid down our towels and went for a refreshing swim! The water was crystal-clear, and we were in the company of some beautiful swans! We had a fantastic day with our aunt and our friend, Giorgia. The funny thing is that this totally happened last minute! It was the last Friday of April and we had planned to go to the beach and stay there for dinner. But it was getting pretty cloudy, so we pivoted and decided to head to Anguillara! And I’m so glad we did, because I wouldn’t have discovered this charming restaurant!

Anguillara Sabazia restaurants

lakes near Rome Anguillara Sabazia

Also, I was told that during the summer, they have their own lakeside club with sunbeds and umbrellas and that they serve yummy happy hours during sunset. So if you’re visiting Rome during the summer, definitely head to Anguillara, have lunch at this restaurant, relax on their lakeside club and then enjoy a summer sunset with a chilled glass of wine!

📍 Via Reginaldo Belloni 28, Anguillara Sabazia
📞 +39 06 996 8229
⏰ Tuesday – Sunday 12.30pm – 10.30pm
💰 €50+

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  1. Fantastic restaurant! Menu, location and service are top-notch.

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