Le Terrazze: the best bar and club in Ponza Island

For an unforgettable happy hour paired with the best sunset in the island, Le Terrazze is definitely the place to go.

Imagine a place where you can admire the sunset while listening to some cool vibes and sipping great drinks. Of course, Ponza has one of those places, it’s called Le Terrazze. And it just so happens to be my favorite place on the island (well, at least one of my favourites)!

the best bar and club in ponza islandFrom the crowded port of Ponza, you head into a street right next to the famous Bar Panoramica. You walk up the street for about 10 minutes until you reach the beautiful Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna.

happy hour in ponza le terrazze ponza priceThe minute you arrive, you’ll inevitably start taking pictures from the stunning street terrace overlooking Chiaia di Luna. But don’t stay too long, head up to Le Terrazze, where you’ll be getting the same view along with a fabulous atmosphere.

the best bar and club in ponza islandLe Terrazze is an open-air bar where you’ll probably be spending most of your happy hours in the island!  The design is beautiful, with lovely cushioned seats and beanie bags that cascade one over the other.

The music is amazing, at the beginning there is lounge music played by a stellar resident DJ that perfectly merges with the sound of the wind.  As the sun starts setting, the music gets deeper, and that’s when the party starts.

the best bar and club in ponza islandThe view? Sensational. The sun sets with the backdrop of the island of Palmarola and the stunning beach of Chiaia di Luna. It’s a sunset you’ll never forget. Once the sun sets, a piano bar starts rolling in, playing 60s music and contemporary music, and inevitably EVERYONE starts dancing.

the best bar and club in ponza islandBut let me tell you, if you want to get the best spot at Le Terrazze (the ones overlooking Chiaia di Luna), make a reservation in the morning and make sure to tell them that you’d like a table with a sea view! It’ll completely change your happy hour!

For drinks, they make killer cocktails! The Mojito and the Negroni are exceptionally good! But for the ones that like good-old fashioned wine or prosecco, those are great too!

the best bar and club in ponza islandSo now that you probably feel like going to Le Terrazze, let me explain how it works. So make a reservation (ALWAYS) or you’ll have to hope that there’s a free table, or you won’t get the table you were hoping for.

sunset happy hour in ponzaThe happy hour costs 20 EUR and includes a cocktail plus a food platter with pasta, rice, mozzarella, pizzas and other nibbles. If you want a wine bottle, it will cost you 60 EUR in two, with the wine bottle and two food platters.

happy hour in ponza le terrazze ponza priceIf you don’t feel like a happy hour, no worries, Le Terrazze is also a fabulous place to come by after dinner! From 10.30pm the piano bar with live music goes on and it’s amazing.  It’s open every day till 1am, and people dance, drink and have fun! I recommend Le Terrazze any time of the day, I’ve been there three times in a week!

Address: Via Panoramica (Hote Chiaia di Luna)

Phone Number: +39 0771 80113 / +39 0771 80133/4

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 7pm – 1am

Happy hour (cocktail + food): 20 EUR

Cocktail: 15 EUR

Food platter: 5 EUR

Wine bottle: 60 EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard


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