Street art in Rome dedicated to iconic women

Some days ago, as I was strolling through Rome’s Trastevere neighbourhood, an image painted on a wall caught my eye–an artwork of a woman holding a candle with the “S” of Superwoman printed on her clothes. As I looked more closely, I noticed the name “Lediesis” written on the artwork. I googled the name and a whole world opened up.

The street artist Lediesis (still unknown whether it’s one artist or a group of street artists),  has painted in different corners of Rome and Florence 16 iconic women who left their mark on the world. Each of these iconic figures, which range from female movie starts to pop culture characters and artists, has the “S” of Superwoman. They’re also all winking– as a sign of complicity with the people that look at them, it’s as if each figure were saying “you too are like me, you too have superpowers!”

The first artworks were found in Florence in the occasion of Women’s day on March 8th, 2019, to celebrate women. Lediesis said the idea of Superwomen was born almost as a joke during the last visit of the Arte Fiera in Bologna, at the end of January 2019. The artworks were made in just a few days and it came natural for Lediesis to show them in the occasion of Women’s Day as a tribute to women. Slowly but surely, Rome became the second stop to portray these iconic ladies. Who knows, maybe another Italian city is up next?

Both Florence and Rome each have 8 different iconic Superwomen. Except for Frida Khalo, which is found both in Florence and Rome, painted in two different poses.  The choice to depict 8 different Superwomen isn’t random either, Lediesis chose eight because it represents infinity, the energy of eternal return, characteristics found in every woman.

In addition to Frida Khalo, the female icon not just famous for her art but also for her strength and passion, in Rome you’ll find Sora Lella–an institution for Romans.

But wait, Barbie and Lara Croft couldn’t be missing either! Barbie is represented with a shopping bag and Lara Croft with a rolling pin, just to play with the reverse of roles! Barbie embodies the myth of the perfect woman, but Lediesis depicts her like a normal woman who instead, like all of us, goes grocery shopping. While Lara Croft, which we always think of as an invincible warrior, has a rolling pin, the symbolic object of housewives all over the world, especially in Italy back in the days. 

Then there’s Eva Kant, a strong-willed and intriguing woman, able to do anything for the man she loves and Marina Abramovich, Serbian performance artist with an exceptional commitment. Unfortunately Anna Magnani and Morticia Addams were removed after a few days, but if you go on Lediesis’ Instagram page you can find pictures of how they were.

While if you’re in Florence, you’ll find Frida Khalo, Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), Princess Lea (Star Wars), Sophia Loren, Rita Levi Montalcini, Margheria Hack, the Virgin Mary, and Nefertiti.

Keep your eye out, as the artworks are found between Trastevere and the Jewish Quarter, near piazzas and on closed windows!


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