Four amazing local restaurants in Florence

A while back, the mayor of Florence said he wanted to restrict foreign eateries like kebab stands and such from opening in the centro storico. His reason? He wanted to preserve the authenticity of Florence’s historic center, whose cultural identity is apparently at risk. While it sounds a bit harsh, I understand where he’s coming from. Who wants to walk through the historic center and constantly be catapulted by Chinese stores selling cheap souvenirs and foods that have nothing to do with the place you’re in? They lower the standard of the city – and the Florentine dream – for locals and tourists alike.

When Florence comes to mind, people usually think of bistecca alla fiorentina, pappa al pomodoro, cured meats and cheese and lots and lots of wine. So my mission today is to guide you through four amazing, authentic Florentine trattorias, to get that Italian vibe going. Take notes, these are where the locals eat in Florence!

The best for truffles in Florence: Osteria delle Tre Panche

If you want to embark on a culinary journey – a truffle culinary journey to be exact – get your phone and make a reservation at Osteria delle Tre Panche. Situated a bit outside the centro storico, a 10-minute walk from the Gherardesca Gardens, Osteria delle Tre Panche is a tiny restaurant that has literally three benches.

best truffle restaurant florence
osteria delle tre panche truffles in florence

Two of the benches seat six guests each, while the smaller one accommodates four people. The setting is gorgeous and rustic and as soon as you step foot inside, the smell of fresh truffles overpowers the room and gets your taste buds already tingling! All of the dishes are delicious, from the yummy chianina tartare with truffle shavings, to the outstanding ravioli with pecorino di fossa sauce and black truffles, to the tagliata with truffles. Excitingly, a new location has opened in the historic center on Vicolo Marzio, 1, atop the Hotel Hermitage. This spot offers stunning rooftop views, enhancing the exquisite truffle-infused culinary journey. Exceptional service is a hallmark at both locations, and advance reservations are highly recommended.

Address: Via Antonio Pacinotti, 32/R and Vicolo Marzio, 1 
Phone: +39055583724 and +393484562480
Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 12am
Average price: €50+
Website: osteriadelletrepanche

The best restaurant in Florence for florentine steak: I’ Tuscani

Discover the culinary heart of Florence at “I Tuscani San Pancrazio,” where the art of Tuscan steak reaches its pinnacle. Situated in the bustling Piazza San Pancrazio, this gem of a restaurant stands proudly opposite the historic ex-church of San Pancrazio, a site of rich cultural heritage, likely founded during the time of Charlemagne. The ambiance of I Tuscani captures the rustic charm of a traditional Tuscan trattoria.

i tuscani best florentine steak in firenze
i tuscani best florentine steak in firenze

Here, the menu is a testament to local excellence, featuring short supply chain products that highlight the best of Tuscany. From the revered chianina, maremmana, and pisana breeds of beef, every steak is an exploration of flavor and tradition, cooked to perfection over open flames. The bistecca alla fiorentina here is not just a meal; it’s an experience, rich in taste and steeped in Tuscan culinary history. Reserve in advance!

Address: Piazza San Pancrazio, 2/R
Phone: +39055213842
Opening hours: Thursday – Monday 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 11pm
Average price: €70+

The best historic restaurant in Florence: Trattoria 13 Gobbi

In the heart of Florence, footsteps from the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, you’ll find Trattoria 13 Gobbi, a historic Florentine restaurant that serves outstanding Tuscan cuisine. The minute you step inside, the cozy setting will wrap you up: dimmed lights, cute wooden tables paired with different colored chairs, and lovely bricked walls stacked with wine bottles that set a rustic tone.

best bistecca alla fiorentina in florence
bistecca alla fiorentina in florence

If you want to savour true Tuscan flavours, you’ve hit the jackpot. From the local cold-cuts platter and the crespelle alla fiorentina, to the famous rigatoni 13 Gobbi with tomato and buffalo mozzarella, everything here is exquisite. But the dish you can’t leave without eating is the juicy and divine bistecca alla fiorentina (rare!). If you want to taste how Tuscan grandmothers cook, Trattoria 13 Gobbi is the place to go – genuine, delicious and simply perfect. Don’t forget to make a reservation (in advance for dinner).

Address: Via del Porcellana, 9R
Phone: +39 055 284015
Opening hours: Daily 12.30pm – 3pm / 7.30pm – 11pm
Price: €40+

The best for traditional cuisine in Florence: Trattoria Sostanza

Tucked away on a side-street of the centro storico, Trattoria Sostanza is for those that want to indulge in authentic Tuscan cuisine. That’s right, ever since the trattoria’s opening in 1869, the recipes have been handed down one generation to the next, so whether you’ve visited this trattoria yesterday or 20 years ago, you’ll taste the same outstanding flavours!

best traditional tuscan cuisine in florence
best traditional tuscan cuisine trattoria sostanza

The setting at Trattoria Sostanza is very rustic. And as the name suggests, if you want to enjoy a delicious meal where substance always wins over form, you’re in the right place! The dishes change on a daily basis but you will always find (and you must order) Trattoria Sostanza’s signature dish, the butter chicken, simply juicy, tender and yum! The bistecca alla fiorentina here is also to die for, and if you want to taste tortellini in broth, this is the place to have them! Always make a reservation!

Address: Via del Porcellana, 25/R
Phone: +39 055 212691
Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 12.30pm – 2pm / 7.30pm – 9.45pm
Average price: €30+


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