Must-try restaurants in Milan

While Milan is small, it’s packed with great nightlife, restaurants and bars. From lunch to aperitivo, dinner and after-dinner drinks, the city is always bustling. Here are some of the most delicious seafood, Japanese and Italian restaurants in Milan.


The best seafood restaurants in Milan

Langosteria Bistrot

📍 Via Privata Bobbio, 2 (Navigli)
⏰ Tuesday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm /  7pm – 11.30pm
💰 €65+

the best seafood restaurants in Milan | Langosteria Bistrot

Buckle up seafood lovers, there’s a new informal version of the famous Langosteria 10 in Milan, it’s called Langosteria Bistrot, and it just so happens to be a stone’s throw away form the dynamic Navigli district. Trendy is what best describes Langosteria Bistrot. Dressed up as a typical bistrot, Langosteria is the temple for seafood lovers (especially raw seafood lovers). If oysters, raw prawns and shrimp and different types of tartars are your thing, Langosteria Bistrot will be everything you could wish for. Langosteria Bistrot receives fresh seafood deliveries every day. As a starter, the plateau degustazione, which includes raw seafood truffles, king prawns, shrimps, and so much more is a must. If you’re into salmon, the wild salmon tartar with apples is an explosion of flavour and comes with a delicate orange emulsion. YUMMY! As a main, the linguine all’astice con datterinini (lobster pasta with tomatoes) is phenomenal, as are the fusilli with tuna tartar. And lastly, the king crab alla catalana CANNOT be missed! While if you want to come for aperitivo, from 7pm you can enjoy a delicious glass of champagne or wine accompanied by a selection of seafood finger food.  Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Fishbar de Milan

📍 Via Montebello, 7 (Brera)
⏰ Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / 8pm – 12am
💰 €30+

the best seafood restaurants in brera milan

If you’re searching for seafood specialties in an intimate and cozy setting, Fishbar de Milan has to be on top of your list. Tucked away in a quiet corner in the heart of Brera, a small seaside port comes to life at this restaurant. The bricked walls, small wooden tables, and shelfs stacked with wine bottles create the perfect setting for an intimate evening with your partner or a get-together with your friends. And the menu is so yummy and creative!  From raw delicacies such as oysters, shrimps and prawns, to outstanding tuna tartares and explosive ceviches, as you read the menu you’ll know you’re in for a great dining experience. But don’t forget to have a look at the black chalk boards in the restaurant, some daily specialties may surprise you!  But at Fishbar de Milan, it’s not only raw fish that is delicious. There are a selection of seafood sandwiches that are to die for, as well as fried seafood, yellowtail burgers or flavourful fish soups. And to accompany your meal, a wine bottle is a must. From Italian to international wines, get ready to dive into a whole new world! The must-tries are the tuna tartar and the unforgettable salmon, yellowtail and cod ceviche. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


📍 Via Orti, 4 (Porta Romana)
⏰ Monday – Friday from 12pm – 2.45 pm | Monday – Saturday from 6pm – 1am
💰 €50+

cocktail bars milan

Situated in the central Porta Romana district, Lacerba is a fantastic cocktail bar and restaurant where you can breathe a vintage atmosphere while savouring delicious seafood and cocktails. As soon as you step inside, you’re immersed in this Futuristic setting, with walls covered in different types of paintings and pictures, and beautiful murales depicting the artists of the early 1900s. Lacerba’s bar area is colorful and dynamic, ideal for those who love cocktails and want to immerse themselves in a retro setting. During aperitivo you can order a wine glass, a beer or a refreshing cocktail prepared by the outstanding bartenders accompanied by a plate of varying delightful appetizers. Quick reminder, the cocktails are AMAZING!  But it’s not only happy hour and after-dinner drinks at Lacerba. It’s also a restaurant that serves fresh seafood! From ceviches and raw cruditès to yummy paccheri with seafood and salt-cooked seabass, you’re in for a delicious treat at this restaurant. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

The best Japanese and fusion restaurants in Milan

Armani Nobu

📍Via Gastone Pisoni, 1 (Brera)
⏰  Monday – Saturday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm / 7.30pm – 11.30pm

best japanese restaurants milan

At Milan’s Armani Nobu, style meets taste in a setting that combines the elegant Armani style to the traditional Japanese decor. Situated inside the Armani Hotel, on a side street of the high-fashion Via Montenapoleone, get ready to dive into one of the top Japanese and Asian fusion restaurants worldwide. Armani Nobu offers dishes made by one of the most influential chefs on an international scale, Nobu Matsuhisa, and serves them in a trendy environment designed by one of the global fashion designers, Giorgio Armani.  The food is spectacular, with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes and extremely fresh sushi and sashimi. Must tries are the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño and the tiradito, and you cannot miss out on the EXCEPTIONAL ravioli stuffed with wagyu beef and caramelized onion served with sashimi of zucchini, nashi pear sauce and truffled butter (probably my favourite dish there)!  The desserts are also delightful and the wine selection is fantastic, with champagne, sake, white and red wines coming from different Italian regions. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Temakinho Brera

📍 Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 59 (Brera)
⏰  Monday – Saturday from 12pm – 4pm / 7pm – 12am
💰 €30+

the best japanese fusion restaurants in milan

Fusion restaurants are popping out like daisies. And it seems like in the past few years, Temakinho has been the winner in the fusion contest arena. At least for Brazilian and Japanese fusion. Personally, I’m a worshipper of traditional Japanese cuisine, but why not get out of the comfort zone and try something different? So here it is, if you want to try Japanese sushi rolls with a tropical twist, then head to Milan’s Temakinho in the central Brera district. Before even trying the food, you’ll already fall in love with Temakinho Brera’s funky setting. The design is fun with different patterned tiled floors, cream and blue colored walls, tropical plant wallpapers, wooden tables and cream-colored chairs. But apart from the lovely decor, what’s exceptional at Temakinho are the cocktails. Like seriously GOOD cocktails! If you like Caipirinha, you’re going to fall in love with theirs! The food is also very good! Apart from the different Brazilian-style sushi rolls, my favorite dish at Temakinho is the ceviche. I’m in love with it, it’s an explosion of freshness.  Another delight are the mini causas, they’re seared tuna bites with sesame, purple potato pure and mango habanero sauce. So yummy. The carnaval is another must-try! They’re sea bass, marinated tuna, mint, mango and salmon caviar rolls, truly delightful.

Zazà Ramen Noodle Bar

📍 Via Solferino, 48 (Brera)
⏰ Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / 7pm – 12am
💰 €20+

Zaza ramen noodle bar Milan

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can’t deny that at some point in your life you’ve watched Naruto, who hasn’t? The first thing that comes to mind if I think about Naruto is … (apart form his orange outfit) … his extreme LOVE for ramen! Naruto likes ramen as much as I like pasta. I don’t just love it, I NEED it! So, what’s all the fuss with this ramen? Is it as good as pasta? Hmm, not quite but it comes pretty close.  For those of you that don’t know what ramen is, it’s one of Japan’s most popular dishes. It’s composed of broth, fresh homemade pasta, meat, seafood or vegetables, and if you want, delicious infusions with Miso, Shoyu and Shio. And guess what, in Milan’s Brera district – just a footstep away from Porta Garibaldi – you’ll find Zaza Ramen, a delicious Japanese noodle bar that serves the ramen that Naruto goes crazy for!  Apart from the excellent ramen, you can try some yummy Japanese appetizers such as Yaki-Gyoza and Onigiri that will certainly delight you! Don’t forget to order one of the outstanding beers and to make some space for dessert!

The best Italian restaurants in Milan


📍 Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 34 (Piazza Venezia)
⏰ Monday – Saturday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm / Monday – Sunday from 8pm – 11.30pm
💰 €70+

The best restaurants in Milan

Mimmo is a stylish restaurant that serves delicious Italian dishes in a cozy and intimate setting just footsteps from Milan’s gardens of Piazza Venezia. As you arrive to Mimmo, the small outdoor area with wrought iron chairs and sofas is adorable, but wait till you step inside to feel completely catapulted into another city. That’s right, because when you enter this restaurant, you won’t feel like you’re in Milan, but rather in a snuggly mountain retreat. The setting is simply beautiful and has a ground floor as well as a mezzanine floor. The wood-beamed ceilings, neutral colors, beautiful fireplace, dimmed lights and oak tables and furniture dominate the setting, creating a cozy and intimate ambiance. And the food? It’s yummy! At Mimmo you will be served creative Italian dishes. The chef strictly uses seasonal products so the lunch and dinner menus change every three months. To start off, the tartare di pescato con gambero di Mazara, granita pompelmo rosa e aria di campari is exceptional. As a main, the risotto alla rapa rossa is delightful. And to accompany your meal, a quality wine selection awaits you, and of course, leave some space for the delicious desserts. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

📍 Via Giuseppe Meda, 24)
⏰ Monday – Sunday from 6pm – 2am
💰 €60+

Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

The fact that Carlo e Camilla in Segheria is a former 1930s sawmill is already cool. But the coolest part about this restaurant and cocktail bar is its decor. It speaks for itself. The concrete walls and raw industrial feel mix with the minimalistic crystal chandeliers to create a mysterious and elegant vibe. Two long tables that intersect in the center of the room give a sense of glamour, while the spectacular Ginori dinnerware adorns the tables . And it’s not only the decor that is great, the food and the COCKTAILS are wonderful too! Carlo e Camilla in Segheria has a delicious Italian contemporary cuisine menu, created by the Michelin-starred Chef, Carlo Cracco. The menu is carefully thought out, with new proposals based on the season’s freshest products. The main concept? Simple food cooked with the best ingredients. And that’s what you get.  If you don’t believe me, just have a bite of the tartare di Vicciola. Because if the decor and ambiance of this place doesn’t have you hooked the second you step inside, I know that will! For drinks, you can sit down at the bar area and admire the bartenders mix the cocktails, or you can relax in the small courtyard where you can enjoy your aperitivo while admiring the old sawmill’s machines. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


📍 Via Vigevano, 10 (Navigli)
⏰ Monday – Friday from 11pm – 3pm / 6pm – 12am / Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 12am
💰 €40+

Where to eat in Milan in the Navigli district: Taglio

You know that place you always go to? The one that feels familiar and serves delicious food? The one that could change the menu as many times as you could possibly imagine, but you would always end up ordering the same dish? Well, if you’re in Milan and you’re searching for one of those homey places, head to the Navigli/Porta Genova district and search no more – Taglio is your place!  The warm and informal atmosphere at Taglio makes it the perfect place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and let’s not forget, also for a delightful aperitivo. The bricked walls, the wine bottles stacked on the shelves and the industrial decor create a relaxed setting, They serve high-quality products and makes it their mission to serve only the best. In fact, its menu changes frequently based on the availability of fresh products. But no worries, you’ll always fall in love with anything they come up with! Plus, some dishes never change! The menu is small, with traditional dishes revisited in a creative way.  This restaurant/cafe is divided into two areas, the first dedicated to the bar counter, and the second to a small charcuterie station, and an open kitchen where you can admire the chefs in action. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


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