The travel movies that inspire wanderlust

Ever had the feeling of wanderlust but can’t seem to get your feet moving? Well, you can start by watching great movies that can give you a bit of a push. Films have long been known to evoke powerful emotions out of viewers, and these effects include the inspiration to explore and discover something new about yourself. Here are five movies about women who ventured to unfamiliar territories in order to change and/or find meaning in their lives.

Under the Tuscan Sun

This 2003 romantic comedy follows the story of Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) who impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany after discovering her husband’s secret affair. She fell in love with Tuscany’s picturesque rolling hills, remote cottages, and mouthwatering cuisine. Ultimately, the change in scenery changed her life as well. This film is recommended for women who need a break from city life to enjoy the countryside.

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Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love follows Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Julia Roberts) quest for self-discovery. While she seemingly has everything – a house, a successful career, and a husband, she still feels lost and confused. She embarks on a journey, hoping to find meaning in her life, with the title referring to the three highlights of her travels. In Italy, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment. MovieTrip named some of the beautiful Roman sites featured in the film, such as Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè which is known for serving great authentic Italian coffee. In India, Elizabeth discovers the power of prayer. And in Indonesia, she finds love and inner peace. In case you feel lost as well, why not book a ticket to a faraway place?

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2014’s Wild is a raw, emotional film about a woman who hiked 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail despite having no hiking experience. The character used it as a form of therapy after the death of her mother and separation from her husband. The film captured the authenticity of the narrative by portraying its lead actress in an unglamourous light. Reese Witherspoon played her role without wearing any makeup, and the director insisted that she carry a heavy backpack. Another film about self-discovery, Wild encourages women to embrace solo travel and hiking, as the journey can be a path to healing.

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In some of Disney’s recent films, women were portrayed as independent characters who can attain happiness without a male lead. Moana, in particular, featured the titular character’s quest to find the demigod Maui, so she can save her island and her people. The movie conveys an empowering message to young girls, and serves as an inspiration for women to see the best of Polynesia and other tropical islands. Of course, while many of Disney’s old princesses were portrayed as damsels in distress, let’s not forget the exception: the OG strong-willed Disney lady, Mulan, who I previously mentioned in my  empowering movies for women article for showing that women can also become brave soldiers.

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman may very well be the most empowering film of 2017 for women, because it proved that a story about a female superhero is as relatable as any other title in the genre. In essence, it’s about the character’s struggle to fight for truth and justice, even when her faith in humanity wavers in some instances. The story made a huge impact on female viewers of all ages, and a viral video even showed a young girl bursting into tears after meeting Gal Gadot who played the titular character. The girl was obviously a big fan, since she wore a Wonder Woman-inspired outfit. Of course, the actress consoled her and gave reassuring words. Moments like this were what director Patty Jenkins fought for, considering there hasn’t been any female-fronted superhero film in a long time. In short, a list about movies that empower women would never be complete without mentioning Wonder Woman.

Of course, aside from placing the spotlight on the Amazonian warriors, the movie also heavily featured their beautiful homeland, which is an Ancient Greece-inspired paradise filled with green landscapes, tranquil waters, and Ancient Greek architecture. These details can inspire audiences to visit Greece which is home to many landmarks that were a testament to the country’s ancient history.


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