A casual dinner in Ponza Island’s port area

For a delicious meal at accessible prices in Ponza’s port area, I couldn’t recommend Oresteria more! On our third evening on the island, after a wonderful happy hour, we realised we had no dinner reservations in our hands. We started walking along the port in search of a place to eat until our eyes were caught by the beautiful colors of Oresteria.

If it’s a yummy yet informal dinner you’re looking for, search no more.

where to eat in ponza islandOresteria is the perfect place to go, there is an indoor and outdoor area, and of course we went for the outdoor! The tables are all turquoise and have a glass box inside filled with starfish, seashells, sand and so many cute objects. It’s really charming.

As we were walking by, I spotted a couple leaving a table and I immediately ran to the waitress to reserve it. Lucky for us, we were seated in a matter of minutes (it never happens)!

where to eat in ponza islandOnce we were seated, that feeling of relaxation sunk in again. The atmosphere at Oresteria is informal and fun, you can see the port and the sea and the people walking by just create the perfect amotsphere.

where to eat in ponza islandGlancing at the menu, I can say that It’s not very extensive but it’s definitely delicious. Since we had an aperitivo before coming, we weren’t too hungry, so we ordered a plate of “alici alla scapece” to share (yummy). For our main course, I had fettuccine with mussels and cherry tomatoes and my boyfriend had the most delicious plate of spaghetti con bottarga di pesce spada (pasta with swordfish roe). I have to say that although mine was really good, his plate beat mine, it was incredible and I still dream about it at night!

best restaurants in ponzaOh, and of course to accompany our dinner we ordered a great bottle of Vermentino di Sardegna. The wine selection isn’t very vast, but the wines are good and they come at a great price! And the service is also fast and friendly!

If you want to taste delicious food in a lovely atmosphere, put Oresteria right on your list. But instead of risking it like we did, make a reservation!

Address: Piazza Carlo Pisacane, 51

Phone number: +39 3473011376

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / 7pm – 12am

Average price: 30+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: MasterCard


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