The best things to see and do in Ponza Island

Ponza is an island with 50 shades of blue. You go from one beach cove to the next and the seabed is completely different, from sandy to rocky to a mixture of both, it’s every vacationer’s dream. And don’t get me started on the unique rock incisions! Whether you prefer one beach cove to the other is all a matter of taste, but one thing is for sure: every single one of them is stunning!

Like I said before, the best way to enjoy the island of Ponza is by boat. And the island is full of places where you can rent boats. Click here to find out where you can rent your boat at the best prices! All boat rentals will give you a map of the island indicating all the beach coves. So after two weeks of going around the island, I can finally tell you my personal favorite beach coves!

My personal favourites:

Cala Lucia Rosa

On the Western side of the island is this stunning beach cove. This is probably my favorite one in all of Ponza. The water is crystal clear, there are boats (and usually not very big ones because it isn’t very deep), and the panorama is stunning. And you can also see the beautiful Faraglioni di Lucia Rosa from here!

The best beach coves in Ponza Island

Cala dell’Acqua

This beach cove on the western side of Ponza is the bomb. The water is TRANSPARENT and the seabed is rocky and simply jaw-dropping. The rocks all have different colors so you truly immerse yourself in many shades of blue. If you swim up the coast you’ll be mesmerised, trust me!  Cala dell’Acqua is also a place where you will find three different boat rentals so it’s a must to stay here a couple of hours and just enjoy yourself. It’s also really close to the famous Cala Feola (piscine naturali).

The best beach coves in ponza
The best beach coves in Ponza Island

Le Formiche

Just 1km off the cost of Ponza, South-East of the island, you will find some rocks called “Le Formiche” (the ants)! While I have to admit that navigating the blue waters with the thought that I was about to jump in kind of freaked me out, the moment I got to Le Formiche all my worries went away.  We docked in between two rocks and the water was breathtaking. Beneath us there were white rocks and lots of beautiful fish. I definitely recommend this place, especially if you’re into diving, snorkelling or scuba diving!

The best beach coves in ponza island
the best beach coves in ponza island

Cala Felce

Cala Felce is located on the northern part of the island and is said to be Ponza’s most beautiful beach cove. And I have to say that I’m still deciding whether it should get first or second place! Cala Felce is known for its golden rock incisions and yellow sand and seabed caused by the stones that contain sulfur. It is full of fish everywhere – great for snorkelling – and it has the perfect mix of sand and rock. Definitely a must see!

The best beach coves in Ponza Island
the best beach coves in ponza island

Cala del Core

Cala del Core is a sensational beach cove. The water is crystal clear with a sandy seabed and it’s located on the Eastern side of Ponza, just after Frontone. Apart from the irresistibile water, what is so unique about this beach cove are the rock incisions! Cala del Core – translated Cove of the heart – has an incision in the shape of a heart! How cool is that?

the best beach coves in ponza island

Cala Gaetano

On the North-Eastern side of the island is this lovely beach clove. The water is quite deep here, and you also find big yachts, but it’s sensational. I can’t quite explain why but it truly struck me. Maybe because I was there on my birthday! Who knows!

the best beach coves in ponza

Arco Naturale

This beach cove is one of the most famous, and there are lots of boats that stay here all day long. So I urge you to not get there too late! The water is fascinating, but the true attraction is the natural arch that comes out of the water, and of course it’s great for snorkelling!

the best beach coves in ponza island

Cala Parata

This is right next to Bagno Vecchio, on the Eastern side of the island, very close to the port. It’s sensational, simply beautiful.

the best beach coves in ponza

Bagno Vecchio

This is a small beach cove on the South-Eastern part of the island. It’s really close to the port of Ponza, and the water is amazing! There is also a small cave that is interesting to see, and the rock incisions are jaw-dropping. Oh, and if you like snorkelling, it’s full of fish here! Again, the water isn’t too deep, so you will usually find smaller boats here, and it’s not too crowded.

the best beach coves in ponza

Chiaia di Luna

This is probably the most famous beach cove in the island. While I’m a big fan of the panorama and the jaw-dropping rock incisions, it’s not one of my favorites as it’s very crowded.  If you have your own boat or yacht (not one you rented because you will have to return it by 6pm), it’s THE place to stay in and watch the sunset.


the best beach coves in ponza

The Island of Palmarola

Depending on the winds, the sea and the boat you have, ask the guys at the boat rental if it’s ideal to go to Palmarola. It’s the stunning island just 7 miles away from Ponza. Depending on the boat you have it could take you from 20 minutes – one hour to get there. The water is amazing, people say it’s better than Ponza (but I’m not sure I believe them). A day here is a must! My favorite beach coves here are Vricci and Faraglioni di San Silverio. It’s also wonderful to get inside the cave!

the best beach coves in ponza island

But of course, any beach cove in Ponza is sensational! So take your boat around the island and see what fascinates you the most! Just remember that you will truly get another feel of the island with a boat, and if you plan on getting the boat every day, reserve it for the duration of your trip as it may be hard to find one without a reservation!

boat rentals in ponza island

P.S. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so in love with super crowded beach coves. So even though I like to get a nice look at the yachts, I’d rather not be too close to all the boats. If you’re like me, know that most of the yachts are usually in Cala Inferno, Arco Naturale, Cala Parata and Frontone on the Eastern side of the island,  and at Chiaia di Luna on the western side.

Ready to Explore Ponza by Sea?

Exploring Ponza by boat is an experience unlike any other. If you’re not confident about navigating a boat yourself, don’t worry! You can book a private boat tour, where a skilled skipper will guide you to the best spots around the island, ensuring a safe and memorable adventure.

For those looking to save, consider joining a group boat tour for a fun and budget-friendly way to experience Ponza’s marine beauty. Ready to set sail?


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