Ponza Island: one of the most beautiful Italian islands close to Rome

Ponza is a magical island.

You’ve probably heard that about most islands, but this one will have a special place in your heart.

As you arrive with your ferryboat from Monte Circeo, your eyes will be glued to the the green landscape, the fascinating rock incisions on the coastline, and the charming colors of the island’s characteristic port.

ponza island: the best italian island near rome
Ponza is the largest of the Pontine islands, and it’s definitely a place with 50 shades of colors. From the houses in the port and Santa Maria, to the turquoise, transparent and blue sea water, everything is a splash of color.

ponza island: the best italian islands close to rome

And the island is one of the few that has remained wild. The landscape is green, rocky, sandy and stunning, and the sea is paradisiac. Ponza is one of those islands that you discover by boat, going from one beach cove to the next, and finding your perfect spot to relax, sunbathe and snorkel!

the best beach coves in ponza island
From the scenery of Chiaia di Luna and the Arco Naturale, to the splendid Cala Lucia Rosa and the island of Palmarola, you’ll have lots of beach coves to visit. And it’s not just the water that’s amazing, the whole panorama is stunning.

For foodies, the island is a true treat to the palate. A simple yet inventive Mediterranean cuisine awaits you, in stunning restaurants with unparalleled views.

The sunsets? To die for. And we all know that summer vacation days are counted by the amount of sunsets you see, so you’ve hit the jackpot with Ponza!

For all those that are in search of a place to relax, enjoy life and nature, admire romantic sunsets and taste delicious food, Ponza is heaven on Earth. And the best part? It’s only a one hour ferry-ride from San Felice Circeo!




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