The reasons to visit Umbria, Italy

While Tuscany has been getting worldwide attention, its nearby sister is getting the cold shoulder. But who said that Tuscany is the only pearl of the Italian countryside? The region of Umbria offers just as much beauty, wine tasting, relaxation and charming Medieval towns as its popular neighbour!

It’s simply a bit shy, but when you get to know it, you’ll completely fall in love with it.

From historic medieval towns perched up hilly landscapes and mountains, to stunning vineyards and agriturisms, traveling around the Umbrian countryside will fill your heart with joy.

As you drive through its roads, your eye will inevitably be caught by the beautiful hilltop towns. From the beautiful city of Perugia (very well known for its chocolate), to the stunning town of Assisi and the beautiful Montefalco, you’ll sure have a lot of exploring to do!

The Italian region of Umbria has a vast array of things to do for a group with mixed tastes!

If you’re a wine lover, indulge in wine tasting and immerse yourself in the wine cellars of Lungarotti, Arnaldo Caprai, Perticaia, Antonelli, Ruggeri and so many more. While if you’re into nature, go on walking trails or horseback riding in the mountains to escape from every day life. If you’re into adrenaline-pumping activities, parachuting and rafting may also be an option!

For the culture aficionados, the cultural heritage of the region of Umbria is rich in every way possible. If you love art, you cannot miss out on Giotto’s frescos depicting Saint Francis’s life in the Basilica of San Francesco. While if you’re into history, the Roman and Etruscan ruins will surely be of interest. Not to mention all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Visiting one town after the other and relaxing in Umbria’s countryside will inevitably call for a delicious meal. From amazing traditional cuisine filled with truffles, to contemporary dining in fabulous characteristic places, the region of Umbria is also a great destination for foodies! And why not indulge in a home cooking class in a traditional home too?

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