Are you searching for restaurants in Budapest Castle District? If it’s a yummy Hungarian/international meal you’re craving, the cozy Speiz restaurant just a few meters from St. Matthias’s church is definitely your place!

restaurants budapest castle districtThe decor gives a homey vibe, the personnel is delightful and the food is just what you need! If you like seafood, meat and soups, I definitely urge you to stop here for lunch!

restaurants budapest castle districtThe plating is beautiful and the food is even better! There’s also lots of healthy choices for those that want to stay light!

restaurants budapest castle districtThe seared scallops with mango are an absolute must, as is the marinated salmon with buckwheat! For those that like a good filet, you can’t give up on the angus beef tenderloin with a pumpkin puree! Like OMG, I want it now!

restaurants budapest castle districtThe Speiz salad with shrimps, olives and a light pesto sauce is also incredibly good!

And of course, if you want a beer or a good Hungarian wine, Speiz doesn’t disappoint!

Speiz is definitely the perfect place for a cozy and delicious lunch in the castle district. And the cute bistro-style decor will instantly make you fall in love with this restaurant.

restaurants budapest castle district It’s always best to make a reservation, but don’t hesitate  to walk in without one!


Have you been to Speiz restaurant? Tell me about your experience and what your favorite dishes are! Oh, and if you have any other suggestions for restaurants in Budapest Castle district, comment away! 


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