The best restaurants in Ostia, Fiumicino and Fregene

From April to October, it’s tradition to head to the Roman seaside and indulge in delicious seafood lunches. The beautiful weather, the sound of the waves, the fresh breeze, yummy food, and chilled bottles of wine are more than worth the 45-minute drive from Rome.

The Roman coast is characterized by different areas: Fiumicino, Ostia and Fregene. To get to these areas it takes between a 30 to 45-minute drive from Rome.

Here are three of my favorite restaurants in Fiumicino, Ostia and Fregene:


seafood restaurants in fiumicinoFiumicino is the perfect place for a seafood lunch. It’s just a 15-minute drive from Fiumicino airport, so perfect for a farewell lunch.

Of course, if I’m going to the Roman seaside for lunch it’s because I expect to have a view of the sea. And where better to admire the sea than from a splendid patio overlooking the Mediterranean?

seafood restaurants in fiumicinoLucky for you, Gina a Porto Romano in Fiumicino offers just that! It’s located on a quiet street right next to the Porto Romano Yacht Club. The food is phenomenal and they have a quality wine selection.

seafood restaurants in fiumicinoIf you dine here make sure to reserve a spot in the outdoor patio and order either the tuna tartare or the octopus salad as an appetizer, TRUST ME!

For more details on the food and prices click here.

Address: Via Costalunga, 31, 00054 Fiumicino-isola Sacra RM

Phone: +39 06 658 3143

Average price: 40+ EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


where to eat on the seaside of romeOstia is located in the south of Rome and is packed with delicious restaurants and beach clubs. My ultimate favorite place for lunch or dinner in Ostia is La Vecchia Pineta.

where to eat on the seaside of romeApart from the beautiful indoor area decorated with portholes, the strong point of La Vecchia Pineta is its stunning outdoor veranda overlooking the Mediterranean. For a delightful lunch on a sunny day or for a romantic outing with your partner this place is simply perfect.

where to eat on the seaside of romeRegarding the food, it’s delicious. Definitely order the crunchy baby squids with balsamic vinegar reduction and leek straw as an appetizer, the black fettuccine with veracious clams and pumpkin flowers as a first course and the juicy turbot with roasted potatoes as a second course. You’ll thank me later!

Address: Piazzale dell’Aquilone, 4, 00122 Lido di Ostia, Roma RM

Phone: +39 06 5647 0255

Average price: 50+ EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


where to eat on the seaside of romeFregene is to the north of Fiumicino and Ostia and it’s known as a famous Roman summer retreat. Although the sea water is not exactly what I like, the food in this area is really good and it’s the perfect place for happy hour sunsets.

where to eat on the seaside of romeMy favorite restaurant in Fregene is Il Sogno del Mare.  While in comparison to the previous two Il Sogno del Mare is less fancy, its restaurant has nothing to envy!

where to eat on the seaside of romeMust orders are the salmon tartare, the shrimp tartare with stracciatella cheese and the fried squids and calamari. For a first course, the paccheri tricolore are the way to go!

They also have a great wine selection and the staff is friendly.

where to eat on the seaside of romeJust a heads up, when you reserve make sure to ask for a table either under the sun (during spring/autumn) and on the shade but on the sand during the hot summer months.

Address: Lungomare di Ponente, 25, Fregene, Lazio, Italy

Phone: +39 06 6656 2812

Average price: 40+ EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard

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