The best speakeasy bars in Rome

The best bars in Rome are the ones that offer something different in terms of atmosphere, drinks and food. And the Race Club Roma has all three! So Romans and foreigners, get out of those street bars and cozy up in this 1950s-style speakeasy in the heart of Rome.

Just 600m from the Colosseum and a 15-minute walk to Monti you’ll find this cool members-only underground cocktail club. Cocktails, food and jazz – I feel like Gatsby already – but with a motorcycle helmet instead of a yellow convertible!

the best speakeasy bars in romeIf you’re into mixology, get the Race Club Roma on your list. Like I mean RIGHT NOW. Because boy oh boy, the second I tried The Chopper, I fell even more in love with this place than I already was.

the best bars in romeIf you have any non-drinking friends (why are you still friends with them?), this is the place where they’ll change their mind! The cocktails at the Race Club Roma are great, not too strong and right to the point.If you want to start with something really light and fresh, the Quel Mazzolin di Fiori is perfect! If you’re into mirto, there’s no question, you HAVE to get Il Conte Sardo.

best bars rome centerFor those that like a bit of spice, the Jalapiña Mule is a must. But still, The Chopper is my favorite (and I don’t even like whisky that much)! But it’s not just the cocktails that will make you come back to this place over and over again, it’s the atmosphere.

What seems like a small biker shop the second you enter, is actually a cozy speakeasy hid behind a sliding door. Walk down the stairs and immerse yourself into this prohibition, underground-style club. And although the Race Club Roma is bigger than other speakeasies, you’ll definitely feel more intimate than ever!

best bars rome centerThe atmosphere in this members-only club truly hits the nail in the head! The vintage armchairs and couches, the dimmed lights, the cool light installations and pictures on the walls will blow you away. There’s old TVs and radios, and even a swing where you can sit on! How cool is that?

The music playing ranges from jazz to American oldies, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a live show!

And if this wasn’t already enough, the staff is amazing! I’ve personally met Diego and he is so kind, so helpful and will go the extra mile to make all of his guests feel at home. For any suggestions on cocktails ask the bartenders!

Happy hour at the Race Club Roma is relaxed, it’s not too crowded and it’s intimate.

While if you want to go back in time for an underground night in 1950s America,  make a reservation, especially on the weekends or you’ll have to wait in line!

Address: Via Labicana, 52

Phone Number: +39 06 9604 4048

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday from 10pm – 4.30am /Friday – Sunday from 7pm – 4.30am

Cocktail price: 9 – 12 EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Cash Only

Mandatory membership card: 5 EUR (lasts for one year)


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