Whether you are going camping for one night or you are planning a longer, more extended trip, there’s nothing better than spending time sleeping under the stars. Fully immersing yourself in nature and getting away from the daily grind of life is what camping is all about and it’s important that you do what you can to make sure your trip is safe, enjoyable and memorable for all of the right reasons. 

Before you go packing up your tents to hit the road, however, it’s crucial that you have a plan in place from the start. The key to any successful summer camping trip is preparation and planning. Knowing exactly what gear you will need, where you are going, and being ready for every eventuality will help you and your fellow campers to get the very most out of your summer camping adventure. 

Let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider when you are planning a camping trip this summer. 


Find The Right Campsite

When you are organising a camping trip, one of the first things you need to consider is where you are going to set up camp. Whether you want to camp by the coast, in the hills or in the bush, it’s important that you choose a campsite that meets your needs. Knowing what facilities are available at the campsite, or nearby, will also help you to plan what gear you need to bring with you. 

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Planning Your Gear

Once you have decided on a campsite, the next thing you will need to do is get all of your gear ready. First of all, you will need a decent tent that will keep you warm and dry throughout your trip. You will also need a sleeping bag and sleeping mat so you can get the rest you need and a cooking stove, portable barbecue or other cooking equipment is essential. Additional items such as a headlamp, camping chairs, an esky and anything else you think you will need should also be included on your list and organised well ahead of time. 

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Bring The Right Clothing

Always check the weather before you set off on a camping trip, even in the summer months. Remember that while it might be warm and dry where you are now, the weather could be very different where you are going. Be sure to pack enough light layers so that you can layer up as the temperatures drop in the evening. Depending on whether you are camping at the beach, in the bush, wild-camping in a remote destination or staying at a campsite in a town somewhere, and the duration of your trip, you will need different types of clothes. Take all these factors into consideration when choosing what to wear and what spare clothing to bring with you.

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Pre-Departure Meeting

Regardless of whether you are going camping with your own family, with a group of mates or you are inviting the entire extended family to go camping, it’s important that you have a pre-departure meeting before you go. Bring a checklist and make sure that you have everything that you need before you go. When you’re camping as a group, different people may elect to bring different items to lighten the load. Meeting before you leave will allow you to double-check everyone has what they need so you don’t arrive at your campsite without your tent pegs, fuel for the stove or any other important bit of kit. 

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Plan Ahead To Ensure You Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Summer Camping Trip

There really is nothing better than packing up your bag to go camping for a few days and enjoying all that nature has to offer. To make sure that your camping trip is a true success, be sure to plan and prepare in advance. With all of the details organised before you go, you can be sure that you will have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable camping trip this summer.


I'm the daughter of an Italian family of diplomats, the second of three children, and a global citizen. I've lived in 7 cities around the world, I have a gigantic crush on Italy and my name has been mispronounced more times than I can remember.

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