A Brazilian and Japanese fusion restaurant in the Monti neighbourhood

Immersed in the historic center, in the charming Monti neighbourhood, Temakinho serves delicious Brazilian and Japanese fusion. The restaurant is very small and it has a warm and funky design with parquet floors, yellow and green colored walls, and wooden tables and colored chairs.

The lights are dimmed and create a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for enjoying your meal with your friends or partner. While the largest dining area (which is still tiny) has a pineapple wallpaper and a beautiful skylight. You won’t believe this but you  can actually smell pineapples all around!

At Temakinho Rome Monti the cuisine is very creative, the mix of Japanese and Brazilian traditions will bring out flavours that will blow your mind. You should definitely try the spectacular ceviche de pescado, the tartara de salamo and the different types of temakis! To accompany your meal, order the explosive caipirinha cocktail from which you can choose from numerous varieties, my favorite one is with the passion fruit!

The quality of the food at Temakinho Rome Monti is good, the Brazilian dishes are delightful and the Japanese dishes, although not the typical type of sushi that you would expect, are great and have an exotic touch.

Apart from the spectacular caipirinha you can also order from a small wine selection or you can choose from the best Brazilian beers such as Brahma, Skol, Bohemia and Xingu. Just a quick heads up, Temakinho Rome Monti uses a lot of sauces on its sushi rolls, so if you’re not really into sauces make sure to read the menu carefully before you order!

Also, you need to reserve your table quite in advance since it’s always packed! To reserve your table click here and it will take you to Temakinho’s online booking (make sure to choose Temakinho Rome Monti)!

Address: Via dei Serpenti, 16

Phone: +39 06 4201 6656

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 7pm – 12am

Average price: 30+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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