What type of museum person are you?

Have you recently been to a museum or better yet, an art exhibition? If you have, you probably noticed that there are lots of weird people, including yourself! What type of museum goer are you?

The picture-taker

They’re everywhere. They come to museums/art exhibitions with an iPhone, a Samsung a Nikon and even a Gopro, just in case they get all the angles right. They don’t even look at the paintings/objects in front of them, they immediately take a picture. Their eyes are glued to the screen and nothing will stop them from photographing everything they see. I guess they enjoy the paintings at home from their phones/camera.

The art enthusiast

They have a deep passion for art and culture and know everything about everything. The curator, life death and miracles of the guy who painted the painting, the year in which the  painter painted the painting, how old the painter’s daughters were when the painter painted the painting, you name it, the art enthusiast knows. It’s one of those people that will make you feel stupid no matter what you say.

The wannabe

While the art enthusiast has a deep passion for museums, paintings and all-things culture, the wannabe is just annoying. They don’t have a passion, they just want to show everyone that they know everything. They don’t inform themselves before going to a museum/exhibition, they STUDY! Because they want to be ready. They’re scared to look dumb or unprepared, so they just get annoying.

The art major

Please shut up. We get it, you’re getting an art major, but you just started one month ago. How could one person learn everything about Toulouse Lautrec in one month? The art major has ALWAYS something to add. I get that your professor is “smarter” than Google, just stop talking about what he says all the time, it looks like you have a crush on him/her.

The instagram story obsessed

Sure, you gotta give the followers some love. But there’s no need to tell them EVERYTHING! Give a sneak peek, don’t give away the WHOLE thing, am I right? No, these people don’t care, they will Instagram story anything wherever they are. You know those stories you stumble upon on your Instagram page that show the dumbest things… and you’re like “why”? It’s their story.

The ant visitor

They’re SLOW. They spend on average 10 minutes more than any normal visitor to observe  EACH painting/object. Do not – under any circumstances – go to an exhibition/museum with an ant visitor (unless of course you’re also an ant visitor). They get close up to the paintings, analysing every detail, and just stand there…for a LONG time. It’s those people you stare at at exhibitions and ask yourself “why is she still looking at that dot”.

The “let’s pretend I’m interested”

These people go to museums/exhibitions with curiosity, but end up thinking more about the way they look while they’re admiring the artworks than actually trying to understand what the artwork is. They’re kind of like the wannabes, with the difference they didn’t study.

The ignorant

This is the type of person you go to the museum with and has no clue what they’re looking at. Hey, they may not even know the name of the museum you’ve taken them to. They simply don’t care, they’re not into culture or art – which is fine –  but their level of culture is so low you ask yourself where this person received an education. They mix up a Picasso with a Caravaggio..

The “let’s see what all the fuss is about”

These people aren’t particularly interested but at the same time they realise they need some extra knowledge in their brains. They hear there’s a grand exhibition on Matisse and ask themselves “why not”? They get to the museum,  move through the exhibition quickly without getting very involved in what they see, enjoy some paintings,  but at the end of the day, happy hour calls.



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