Amalfi Coast restaurants: where to eat in Positano

Positano’s magical setting makes it the perfect place to dine out with your friends or partner. The charming setting, the views of the sea and the delicious local food make it a must-try when it comes to lunch or dinner. So if you’re stopping by this stunning Amalfi Coast town on your trip to the costiera, here’s a list of my favorite restaurants in Positano.

Buca di Bacco

 Via Rampa Teglia, 4

Romantic restaurants in Positano: Buca di Bacco

A stone’s throw away from Spiaggia Grande, Buca di Bacco holds a special place is my heart.  It’s the first restaurant I’ve dined at in the Amalfi Coast, and it’s also where we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday years ago.  To have the amazing dining experience that you deserve, let me in you on a little secret. Buca di Bacco is set on three floors: the ground floor hosts the cafe and bar, and the second and third floors are dedicated to the restaurant. But while the second floor restaurant has beautiful views of the sea, the third floor is the real deal, and it’s a must that you get yourself a table there. As you arrive to the third floor, a rooftop with only eight tables awaits you. Here, you will have the ultimate romantic experience, dining under the starry sky and with the sea right in front of you. The lights are dimmed, the tables candle-lit, and a few string lights give it an extra glow. Now, if this atmosphere isn’t the perfect way to being your Amalfi Coast trip, I don’t know what will do! I can only tell you that the food is just as exceptional. What’s great about Amalfi Coast cuisine is that the food isn’t very elaborated, it’s simple, the ingredients are what make the dishes unforgettable. To start off, the salmon tartare is so delicious I can’t even describe. And if you like courgette flowers, you must try their fried ones! To continue, outstanding seafood and fish awaits you, but as an Italian, I went for the good-old pasta dish, the scialiatielli (a typical Neapolitan thick pasta) with seafood, and they were definitely the right choice to make. And to accompany your meal, the wine selection is superb.

Chez Black

Via del Brigantino, 19

Chez Black restaurant in Positano

Immersed in the magic of Positano, just off the beautiful Spiaggia Grande, Chez Black is one of the Amalfi Coast’s most delicious restaurants. As you walk along Positano’s beautiful seafront, something will definitely catch your eye, it’s Chez Black’s ship, and no, it’s not on the water! Established in 1949, Chez Black faces the wonderful Spiaggia Grande and features a characteristic design. Its decor, inspired by a traditional wooden ship, features sleek wooden panelling all throughout, and beautiful wooden columns and chairs in an open space. Warm, lively and fun are the adjectives that best describe the atmosphere at this restaurant. And rest assured that the staff is friendly and fun, and will definitely contribute to a fabulous dining experience. But wait until you open the menu to be fully surprised. Local produce, fresh ingredients and simplicity reign in this restaurant. As a starter, the octopus carpaccio is divine and melts in your mouth, but to get a taste of the ultimate fresh ingredients, the buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and basil is just heaven on a plate.  And this is just to start off your meal. Wait until you order the spaghetti with sea urchin, Chez Black’s signature dish, served in a giant sea urchin-shaped plate! Yum! But if soups are your thing, the local fish soup, prepared using Positano’s original fisherman’s recipe, is literally to die for and rich with flavour! And of course, your meal is not perfect until you order a dessert from the dessert trolley, and I definitely suggest the delizia al limone: fluffy, creamy, lemony and just perfect.

Il Capitano

 Viale Pasitea, 119

where to eat in positano

Il Capitano has front-row seats to Positano’s beautiful cliffside village, boasting stunning panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast while being immersed in a magical setting. Situated on top of the cliffside village, Il Capitano is the restaurant to go if you want to admire the colors of Positano change as the sun sets, and the lights of the small village and the Amalfi Coast turn on. Just a bit of breezy wind makes the evening perfect, and the candle-lit tables create a magical atmosphere. At times, they also have live music playing, but this is usually early in the evening. If you’re a late diner like I am, you’ll probably go to dinner around 10pm, so that will make it way easier for you to get a front-terrace table. If you’re an early diner, make sure to call in advance and to specifically ask for the front-terrace table, it will definitely make the difference. So Il Capitano has a fabulous atmosphere and a stunning view, but it doesn’t stop there. This panoramic restaurant also serves delicious food! As a starter, my personal favorite is the fish soup or the octopus salad, followed by the paccheri alla pescatrice (pasta with seafood), or the delicious spaghetti alla chitarra al nero di seppia, yummy. The wine selection is also excellent, ask the kind service for suggestions. And to finish off your meal, the desserts are delicious, but the limoncello here is even better.

La Sponda

 Via San Sebastiano, 2

La Sponda
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As one of the most romantic restaurants in the Amalfi Coast – if not the world – La Sponda is dedicated to those that want to live an unforgettable dining experience. Walking inside La Sponda restaurant inside the stunning Le Sirenuse Hotel, you will feel like you’ve been cast under a spell. Enchanting is the word that comes to mind. The setting is as romantic as it gets,  lit up by 400 candles that create the most intimate atmosphere and the most magical scenario for a meal to remember. In what occasion should you come dine at La Sponda? A special one, of course. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor area that seem like they just came out of a Disney movie. The terrace is sensational: dining in a candlelit setting while overlooking the Mediterranean and Positano is incomparable. And I’m not the only one to think so, the Michelin guide has awarded La Sponda a Michelin star.

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Via Pasitea, 242

Next2 restaurant Positano

Away from the crowds of Spiaggia Grande, immersed in a chic setting, Next2 is an outstanding restaurant that serves  a mix of tradition and innovation. Its outdoor veranda is the perfect place to soak up on a summer evening. The menu is a tribute to fresh local ingredients, from the starters all the way to the main courses, fresh products are used to create the most delicious dishes. I highly recommend the deep fried small pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil  or the zucchini blossom filled with ricotta cheese and zucchini parmigiana. Followed by the homemade gnocchi with pumpkins, clams and cuttlefish or the delicious mixed seafood grill or catch of the day. And to accompany your meal, a fabulous wine selection awaits you. And of course, desserts have their part in the meal! if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in the right place, or maybe you’d like to finish off with a yummy limoncello? But don’t leave just yet, Next2 with its cool jazz background music is also a great location to stop by for cocktails before heading to the famous Music on the Rocks. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


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