Where to get the best panoramic views of Rome

If you’re into stunning views and jaw-dropping scenery, you must visit these 10 locations in the Eternal City. Not only are these my favorite places to admire Rome’s beauty, they’re also where you will get the best views in Rome.

Trinità dei Monti

where to get the best views of romeWalk up the Spanish Steps all the way to the top and turn left. Keep walking and prepare to be stunned by the jaw-dropping views of Rome. From the Altare della Patria to the Roman rooftops and St. Peter’s Basilica, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by this sight. This is for sure one of the best views of Rome. From early morning to sunset, it’s a must to walk on Viale della Trinità dei Monti.

Il Giardino degli Aranci

where to get the best views of romeIl Giardino degli Aranci is situated on top of the Aventine Hill, close to Circo Massimo. It’s commonly known as Il Giardino degli Aranci due to the orange trees which are present in the garden. It’s one of those places where you will get the best views in Rome. The tall pine trees and white-pebble path lead you to the beautiful terrace.  From the distance, you can already see the spectacular Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Once you get to the terrace, enjoy the marvellous views of Rome: from the Altare della Patria to the Vatican and the beautiful Roman rooftops and streets. The first time I came to il Giardino degli Aranci was with my grandpa, I was 6 years old. I have never met someone who is more in love with Rome than my grandpa. He knew everything about Rome (well almost everything, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know everything). During the weekend, my parents would often leave us with our grandparents and he would always take us around to see Rome. It was amazing. The second time I came to il Giardino degli Aranci was many many years later and it was quite different. My boyfriend had blindfolded me and brought me here. That was amazing too.

After taking in the views of Rome from the beautiful Giardino degli Aranci, go peek into the keyhole of the Knights of Malta just a few steps away!

The Keyhole of the Knights of Malta

On top of Aventine Hill, just a short walk away from Il Giardino degli Aranci, are the famous Headquarters of the Knights of Malta. This location is one of the most interesting places in Rome. You will see a line of people waiting to peek into the keyhole of the door of the Knights of Malta. And trust me, get yourself in line and wait to be dazzled! You’ll get to peek into one of the most beautiful places in Rome (and the world)! If you look through the keyhole, you will see the spectacular Saint Peter’s Basilica, which will only seem like it’s a few meters away! It’s definitely one of the best views of Rome. Not to mention one of the most unique ones. You cannot miss it.

For those that want to take a picture, it’s best that you visit before 3pm in the summer, and 1pm in the winter.

where to get the best views of rome

Il Pincio

where to get the best views of romeOverlooking Piazza del Popolo, il Pincio offers a fantastic panoramic terrace where you can admire the great beauties of the Eternal city. It’s situated in the Villa Borghese Gardens, which are characterised by large tree-lined avenues and fountains.  But the most beautiful point is the terrace that offers one of the best views of Rome.

where to get the best views of romeApart form being a perfect place to get a view of Rome (and take wonderful pictures), it’s also perfect for enjoying a walking in the Borghese gardens! It’s one of the most famed spots of the Eternal City to get the best views in Rome.

Altare della Patria

where to get the best views of romeSituated in the heart of Rome in the stunning Piazza Venezia, the Altare della Patria is one of the most spectacular monuments in Italy. The monument is also known as “Il Vittoriano” because it was built in honor of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy, also known as the “Father of the Nation”. Inside the Altare della Patria there is a museum of the Risorgimento which has recently hosted exhibitions on the history of the Vittoriano.

Apart from the beauty of the monument, it is a must to take the elevator all the way to the panoramic terrace. Once you arrive to Terrazza delle Quadrighe, you will be amazed by the view of Rome, the Colosseum,  the Roman Forums and the Roman rooftops. It is simply jaw-dropping. And in my opinion it’s THE place to get the best views of Rome. You get a 360-degree view.

And if you want to enjoy a coffee or a sandwich, there is a bar with a nice terrace just before the elevators!

Panoramic Terrace is open from Monday – Thursday from 9.30am – 6.30pm / Friday – Sunday from 9.30am – 7.30pm

Elevator Adult Fee 7 EUR

Reduced Fee 3.50 EUR

Free for children under 10

Terrazza Caffarelli

the best views in romeSituated in the magnificent setting of Piazza del Campidoglio, Terrazza Caffarelli is the ideal location to enjoy an unforgettable view of Rome. Terrazza Caffarelli has two separate entrances, it can be accessed from the coffee bar in the Capitoline Museums or from an external entrance from the stairs of Capitol Hill. If you’re visiting the Capitoline Museums, you cannot miss out on the wonderful bar, with its sensational view of Rome. The view is beautiful, you can admire Rome’s spectacular rooftops, chapels and the Altare della Patria. Even if you’re not visiting the museum, I still recommend you stop by for a coffee if you’re in the area.

Opening Hours: from Tuesday – Sunday from 9am – 7.30pm

Terrace of the Gianicolo

where to get the best views of romeThe Gianicolo offers one of the best views in Rome from a beautiful travertine terrace. It’s situated close to Trastevere and has two separate entrances. The Gianicolo is made up of two large tree-lined avenues and a path that commemorates all the heroes of the Italian unification. Either from Piazza Garibaldi or from the Terrace of the Fontanone you can admire one of the best views in Rome.

Saint Peter’s Basilica Dome

The best views of Rome

When you visit Saint Peter’s Basilica, it is a must to go to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica Dome and take in the sensational views. From the dome’s terrace you will be able to see Piazza San Pietro and all of Rome’s beauties. The entrance is from the Basilica’s cloister. You can either take the elevator or the stairs to reach the top. If you take the elevator, you will still have to walk up 551 steps in order to reach the terrace. Instead, if you prefer walking, a total of 871 steps await you! But once you get to the top, you won’t even remember all those steps!

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 8am – 6pm (April to September) / Monday – Sunday from 8am – 4.45pm (October to March)

Elevator Fee: 7 EUR / Stairs Fee: 5 EUR

Via Piccolomini – a breathtaking view of St. Peter’s Basilica

If you want a terrific view of St. Peter’s Basilica, Via Piccolomini offers the most beautiful one. This residential street located in the Aurelio neighborhood is a very popular street amongst Romans. Locals come here to admire the  view of Saint Peter’s Basilica. As you walk further away from the Basilica, it will seem like it’s becoming bigger and bigger. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, don’t miss out!

Mercati di Traiano

where to get the best views of rome

The Museo dei Fori Imperiali inside the Mercati di Traiano recreates what used to be the first concept of a market ever to exist. But that’s not the only reason you should visit the museum. Head to the top floor, take a deep breath and admire the stunning view of Rome. It’s sensational. It’s a must-visit, and it’s for sure one of the best views in Rome.


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