An accessible seafood restaurants in Ponza Island

Ponza Island is filled with delicious restaurants, but most people will tell you that the good ones come at a high price.

While that’s true for the most renowned restaurants of the island, there are some charming local eateries that don’t charge high prices, and Trattoria Il Pizzicotto just happens to be one of them!

In the vibrant port area, just before you enter the road to the historic center, there’s a cozy restaurant right on the corner. From the first day that I arrived in Ponza I was lured by its cute pots with fresh basil and rosemary, and the adorable decor that just made the place so unique.

best restaurants ponza islandSo one evening, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a shot. While we had tried to reserve by phone, we weren’t able to place the call for some reason, so we just headed to the restaurant and asked if there was an outdoor table for two. The sweet gentleman told us to come by at 10.30pm, so after a quick stroll, we were back and ready to be seated.

best restaurants ponza islandWe were REALLY hungry and were fantasising about all the dishes we wanted to order. Thank God that we decided to start with two each, a first course and a second course. Luca ordered the spaghetti with shrimp and a fried seafood, I went with the paccheri with mussels and pecorino cheese and a fried seafood. To accompany it all, a chilled bottle of Vermentino wine.

best restaurants ponza islandLets start with the seconds, the fried seafood plate was yummy, not the best I’ve tried, but really good! I definitely recommend you to order the mixed fried seafood plate and not just the fried calamari, the fried anchovies are amazing!

best restaurants ponza islandBut the best part was Luca’s spaghetti with shrimp. Let me tell you, it is THE thing to order! Amazing! My paccheri with mussels and pecorino were also delicious, but Luca’s spaghetti were just excellent!

best restaurants ponza islandThe portions are generous so by the time we got to the fried seafood, we were pretty full! But there’s always room for delicious food, isn’t there?

And you know what else made our night? The very kind and friendly staff that made the whole experience great! What I loved about this restaurant is the laid back atmosphere and the fun vibe. Wonderful.

best restaurants ponza islandWe liked Trattoria Il Pizzicotto so much that on our last night in Ponza Island, we took my sister and her boyfriend for dinner as well. And yes, we all ordered the spaghetti with shrimp (and a fried seafood to share)!

If you plan on coming for dinner here, you don’t NEED a reservation, we came by the second night again without a phone reservation and were seated after 30 minutes!

Address: Via Dante, 2

Phone Number: +39 0771 831624

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 9am – 12am

Average price: 30+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard


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