Villa Adriana: Emperor Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli

Villa Adriana, Emperor Hadrian’s retreat during his reign in the 2nd century AD. Whether you live in Rome or are visiting the Eternal City, a day trip to the charming town of Tivoli, and of course to Villa Adriana, is definitely a good idea! Especially if you’re into ancient villas and centuries-old gardens! That’s right, there are magnificent gardens at Villa Adriana and stunning oak trees, olive trees and cypress that make the whole setting even more of a wonder to discover.

Villa Adriana (or Hadrian’s Villa) in Tivoli, is an exceptional complex of classical buildings created in the 2nd century A.D. by the Roman emperor Hadrian. It combines the best elements of the architectural heritage of Egypt, Greece and Rome in the form of an ‘ideal city’. Not to mention that It is the most extensive ancient Roman villa, covering an area of at least 80 hectares, more or less like Pompeii.

Villa Adriana is a masterpiece that uniquely brings together the highest expressions of the material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.Studies of the monuments that make up Villa Adriana played a crucial role in the rediscovery of the elements of classical architecture by the architects of the Renaissance and the Baroque period. The architectural styles also profoundly influenced many 19th and 20th century architects and designers.

Villa Adriana comprises residential buildings, thermal baths, nymphs and gardens that are alternated in an unusual way that does not reflect the usual sequel of the villas and Domus.

It is a magnificent place to visit, no wonder it’s a Unesco World Heritage Site! If you’re in Tivoli, make sure to also visit the stunning Villa D’Este.


AddressLargo Marguerite Yourcenar, 1, 00010 Tivoli RM
Opening Hours (last Sunday of October – January)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 5pm
Opening Hours (February)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 6pm
Opening Hours (March)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 6.30pm
Opening Hours (last Sunday of March – April)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 7pm
Opening Hours (May – August)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 7.30pm
Opening Hours (September)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 7pm
Opening Hours (October)Monday – Sunday from 9am – 6.30pm



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