Ibiza, the iconic party island, known for its buzzing nightlife and massive club scene, undergoes a transformation as the calendar flips to October. As the high season winds down, the island embraces a calmer, more authentic vibe, offering a different kind of retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle. If you’re pondering a visit during this period, here’s everything you need to know about Ibiza in October.

What’s the Weather Like in Ibiza in October?

Is it Hot in Ibiza in October?

October sees Ibiza cooling down from the scorching summer heat, with temperatures pleasantly hovering around 20-23°C (70-75°F) during the day. The evenings can get a bit chillier, and especially windier, so it’s wise to pack some warmer layers. The climate is comfortable, allowing for beach outings and exploration without the intense sun.

Can I Swim in Ibiza in October?

Absolutely! The sea remains relatively warm from the summer months, with water temperatures averaging around 21-23°C (70-74°F). It’s a great time for a less crowded beach experience and enjoying water activities like swimming and snorkeling. But to be honest, we didn’t, it was a bit windy! If you’re staying more than a weekend, you could even opt to catching the ferry to Formentera.

Will There be Parties in Ibiza in October?

Closing Parties in October

While most of the major clubs wind down their operations by October, the first half of the month is renowned for the iconic closing parties. Big-name venues throw spectacular finales, featuring top DJ line-ups and unforgettable performances. However, as the month progresses, the nightlife shifts towards local bars and smaller clubs, providing a more intimate, laid-back atmosphere.

What to Do in Ibiza in October?

With the massive summer crowds gone, October is the ideal time to explore Ibiza’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Consider renting a car, like we did for a fantastic rate of €60/day, to explore hidden coves, charming villages, and historical sites at your own pace. It was great because we didn’t even have to go to a car hire, they delivered the car and we signed the contract directly at our hotel.

Explore the Charming Town of Santa Eulalia

Away from the clubbing crowds, October is the perfect time to discover the quieter side of Ibiza. Santa Eulalia, a picturesque town on the east coast, is a prime example. Just a 20-minute drive from Ibiza Town, it boasts a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful marina, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Our exploration led us to a local spot for a refreshing cervezita and, of course, the iconic Spanish dish, paella. But Santa Eulalia had more culinary surprises up its sleeve. As we wandered, we stumbled upon a vibrant local food festival, Tapaví. The streets were filled with delicious food stands and all you have to do is purchase tickets that will set you back €20 for 5 tastings. With tickets in hand, we dove into an assortment of tapas. The hamburguesa was juicy and flavorful, while the bocadillos with jamon serrano and the chorizo provided a delightful bite of Spanish tradition.

We then walked along the beachfront, admiring the tranquility of the sea and the sky, a serene backdrop to the bustling food scene. The promenade was dotted with quaint restaurants, so if you want a proper sit-down meal with a view, this is where you should go.

Enjoy the Golden Hour: Ibiza’s Sunset Magic

One of the island’s not-to-be-missed experiences is watching the sunset at Cala Comte, or la puesta de sol, as the Spanish call it. For an unparalleled view, head to Sunset Ashram, a cliff-top bar and restaurant offering panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean. Remember, it gets windy in the evenings, so bring a jacket! The vibe here is fantastic, the music is spot-on, the atmosphere is laid back and the cocktails and food are great. We were lucky to find a table without a reservation but I definitely recommend reserving.

Other calas that out receptionist recommended are Cala Benirrás, located in the north of the island and famous for its bohemian vibe, drum circles on Sundays, and spectacular sunsets. The view of the sun setting behind the rock formation known as Cap Bernat makes this spot unique and highly cherished among locals. Another is Cala d’Hort, a small, tranquil beach that offers an iconic view of Es Vedrà, a rocky island jutting out from the sea. There are also many places in San Antonio.

Go for tapas and sangria

On our first night in Ibiza, we didn’t manage to reach Ibiza Town before 12.30am. Yes, that is late, but we are in Spain after all so we expected to find some restaurants serving food besides McDonald’s and Burger King. We asked for recommendations to a group of local girls and they quickly pointed us to some fast food joints, shocked that we would even expect to eat at that hour. But Ilaria didn’t give up and we turned into a street and voilà, after a series of closed doors, our unexpected, delightful find was Ca’n Rafal. Even though it was late, they served us an array of tapas and sangria— the croquetas de bacalao stood out with a refreshing lime twist and don’t get me started on the jamon iberico de bellota. We also had empanadas and pan y tomate. For desserts, the salame al cioccolato dessert was a unanimous hit. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the meat nor the seafood as it was too late to order anything but tapas but if you go there, definitely give it a try and let me know! The owners were very nice and they offered us shots of the island’s local liqueur, hierbas, making our celebration even more special. We spent €135 in 4 people that night.

On our second night we went to La Bodega. We had reserved this time! Nestled in the heart of Ibiza Town, right near the castle walls. They have a series of outdoor tables that looked so charming but it was too cold and we opted for indoor dining. We ordered an assortment of tapas again! The jamon iberico de bellota was impeccable and the polpo alla gallega was tender and flavorful. While the patatas bravas and the ceviche weren’t our favorites, the sangria more than made up for them, rich and fruity. The staff here was also very nice, special shout-out to Roberto who also brought a round of complimentary hierbas shots! We spent the same exact amount here as Ca’n Rafal, €135 for 4 people.

Enjoy the Local Nightlife

Our night adventures in Ibiza brought us face-to-face with the island’s unpredictable October nightlife. First on the list was La Kokoxta, which, honestly, wasn’t what we expected. We ended up there after asking a few locals where to go dance, and it was more of a disco pub than a club. Entry was just €10, and the interior was pretty basic — think foosball table and darts. The place wasn’t fancy, and the cocktails were forgettable, but the music hit the right spot with some good reggae tunes. We ended up having a surprisingly good time, despite the odd onion smell.

Club Chinois, on the other hand, was a contrast. The place looked impressive, but the vibe on “Trip” night just didn’t match our style. The crowd was mostly guys, and it was clear most people were heavily on drugs. I know that’s normal for Ibiza and the night is called “trip” so, what were we expecting anyway? But we didn’t feel totally comfortable, and the music wasn’t to our taste. The cocktails were the only high point, though pricey at €22 each. The plus side, we didn’t pay the entrance.

Discover Ibiza’s Natural Beauty by Car

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore Ibiza’s less accessible spots at your own pace. The island is full of stunning scenery, from secluded coves to rugged cliffs. Plus, with the summer crowds gone, you’ll get to enjoy these natural sites relatively undisturbed.

Participate in Local Festivities and Cultural Events

October is a time when the island embraces its cultural heritage, hosting various local festivals and events. Keep an eye out for any happenings during your stay — participating in these festivities will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ibizan culture. In October, Ibiza reveals a side of itself that many summer travelers never get to see. Whether you’re dining at a local eatery, watching a stunning sunset, or exploring the island’s natural landscapes, there’s no shortage of things to do and see. This quieter, more authentic experience might just provide you with your most memorable visit yet.

Where to Stay in Ibiza in October

If you’re planning an October trip to Ibiza, finding the right spot to stay is crucial. We chose Ebano Select Apartments in Playa d’en Bossa, and it didn’t disappoint. Even though Playa d’en Bossa scales down in October, its proximity to Ibiza Town is a big plus. The apartments at Ebano are comfy and come with kitchens, perfect for groups. Plus, they’ve got a pool for those chill days. What made our stay special, though, was the insider tips from the receptionist, guiding us to the best local haunts. So, for a cool mix of convenience, local vibe, and practical comfort, Ebano’s a solid bet.

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